Produce top-quality sound with Sennheiser mics!

Sennheiser cardioid mics 2

Looking to get some final things to complete your home studio? Get going on some amazing vocals and audio with the Sennheiser Cardioid mics! Discover true sound for every vocalist, every instrument and every style. Crack on with making some amazing tracks from home to share with your friends and family, there’s nothing like some music to feed the soul especially at a time like this, so get involved! Check out some of our favourites below.

Sennheiser XS 1 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Was £55, NOW £39!

Raise your voice. XS 1 is your backstage pass to great sounding vocals and speech. Sennheiser’s new wired dynamic cardioid microphone is the perfect fusion of excellent live sound and easy handling.

XS 1 has been designed for first-time and casual users who appreciate simplicity, upfront vocal presence in the mix, and no complications. This versatile new microphone provides professional live sound for those getting started, thanks to its great feedback rejection and silent mute switch for flexibility and control. XS 1 comes in an all-metal housing and therefore is a reliable companion on any stage. As a singer, presenter, or entertainer, you can count on the renowned Sennheiser live sound. All you need to do is: Raise your voice.

Sennheiser Xs 1 Vocal Microphone

Sennheiser e 935 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone


This dynamic cardioid vocal microphone offers a natural sound and its fast transient response ensures no details are missed, even extending gentler voices. It has low handling noise due to its shock-mount design and 100% durable metal casing for regular tough on-stage use.

Sennheiser E935

Sennheiser e 906 Super-Cardioid Cardioid Instrument Microphone


The e906 is a professional super-cardioid, dynamic instrument microphone, specifically designed for use on guitar amplifiers to deliver the exact guitar sound you desire. It has a switchable presence filter for different user requirements with three adjustable sound characteristics; one to boost the presence range, one for “normal” presence and one to attenuate the presence range. It can also be used for percussion and brass instruments.

Sennheiser microphone

Sennheiser e 865 Super-Cardioid Vocal Microphone


The Sennheiser e 865 is an electret condenser super-cardioid vocal microphone. It has rugged metal housing for use on the road and has a natural and detailed sound for live performance. The microphone capsule incorporates a special blast/pop protection plate to shield the diaphragm from excessive sound pressure levels.

Sennheiser E865 Mic

Sennheiser e 604 Cardioid Microphone, 3-pack

Was £289, NOW £269

Character instead of mainstream. Close to the attack, tough, easy to handle: the e 604 has long since been a classic on the rims of tom-toms and snares the world over. Thanks to the practical clip-on holder, the microphone can be mounted in seconds and positioned however you choose. Lightly emphasized in the upper mids and highs, the e 604 provides a forceful sound, open and clear in the lows. The snare receives a warm to dynamic presence; woodwind instruments also receive a marked spaciousness. This is no wonder, since the sound design is based on the legendary MD 421 microphone.

Sennheiser E604 3Pack