Roland Proudly Introduce ROLAND CLOUD!

Rolands anticipated ROLAND CLOUD is now available!

Many of you out there will have been undoubtedly waiting for this, whether you consciously knew it or not. In this fast-moving technological era, it was only a matter of time before Roland jumped on the wagon and provided its devoted users with a dedicated cloud-based library featuring Roland’s iconic and genre-defining sounds from over the years. Meet the ROLAND CLOUD.

Imagine for a second, a room stacked with the late 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s keyboards that Roland ever graced us with. If you put into perspective how much time, space and money that it would cost to put that together, then you will have a better idea of the value of Rolands new high-resolution library. With access to over $4000 in new software and an ever-growing catalogue of legendary and brand new software instruments, for only $19.95 per month!

When you subscribe to Roland Cloud, you are signing up for a service, not only a sound library. You can expect fixes for the issues that haunt modern music creators to be delivered based on your personal needs regularly. You’ll also be placed first in line for cutting-edge tech via new instruments and software.

Roland Proudly Introduce ROLAND CLOUD!

Roland has passionately tried to cover the spectrum of sounds and software required by modern music creators, starting with foundational instruments in various categories that will grow over time.

Perfect recreations of legendary Roland hardware synths that fit in your DAW.

TERA Series
Built on the Concerto platform, the most expressive acoustic sounds ever captured, future gateway to the power of cloud computing.

FLAVR Series
Also built on Concerto, bite-sized, high-resolution soft synths perfect for targeting specific genres and tastes such as Deep House or Disco Funk.

AIRA Series
Inspired by the Past, Built for the Future. Amazing sounding Roland ACB synths with a familiar workflow.

Ultra-high resolution “Roland Remastered” virtual instruments that are simple to use and incredibly CPU friendly via the Concerto platform.

The understated heroes, Essentials comprise some of the components that make up technology solutions provided by Roland Cloud.

Audio software that will enhance your workflow, creativity and help you deliver stunning audio.

See how the Roland D50 Linear Synthesizer VST compares against the original hardware synth here:

Roland Cloud is a true collaborative part of the creative community that deeply listens to its users and then actually delivers what they ask for. Each “Series” in Roland Cloud represents a response to a specific ask from creators. An example of this is Roland remaking years worth of iconic Roland synthesizers to fit into your DAW because you told them that your studio is currently ‘in your laptop bag’. It also boasts brand-new additional features to the software versions of hardware synthesizers that weren’t ever even featured in the originals, all because you told them that ‘you’ve always wanted them’. With the modern producer heavily in mind, Roland is truly making their ever-increasingly expensive hardware range available to the masses. Together, Roland hopes to never run out of ideas, so Roland Cloud will continue to grow.

Easily manage your Roland Cloud instrument library and studio software with the Roland Cloud Manager. It’s fair to say that managing your creative assets is fairly unappealing and that we’d all rather be making music. The Manager allows it’s users to easily access all available Roland Cloud instruments and Software and specifically download and install only what they choose. Conveniently running in the background and automatically updating with the latest Roland instruments features and patches, it’s out of sight and mind until you need it, while ensuring you never miss a thing.

Roland Cloud YOURS loyalty program: for every 12 months of active paid subscription, subscribers can choose any software instrument from our ever-expanding library and use it forever-even if your membership is paused or cancelled. Best of all, your free month trial counts. More Information on this can be found here:

Roland Proudly Introduce ROLAND CLOUD!

If you haven’t already signed up, your missing out on YOURS credits!


For more info, you can visit the official ROLAND CLOUD site here: