GAK REVIEW: Sennheiser MK4 Digital

Sennheiser recently announced a new digital version of their MK4 microphone. The new digital version of the MK4 now makes it possible to easily connect the microphone to any iOS device or computer with a USB cable. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of them and below you’ll find a short review of how we found it.


The MK4 is described by Sennheiser as being “made in Germany, with a transducer manufactured in the same clean room as all high-end Sennheiser and Neumann condenser capsules.” Sennheiser owns Neumann and with this microphone they’ve definitely taken a few tips from some of the legendary Neuman mics of old.

Tested out on a Macbook in Logic Pro, the microphone was truly plug and play with no set up time at all. Once plugged in Logic recognized the MK4 and you could set levels within the DAW. To use the microphone with our iOS device all we needed to do was to download the Apogee MetaRecorder or Maestro Apps from the App store which were both very easy to use.

We tested the MK4 with both an iPhone and a Macbook on both vocals and acoustic instruments and we were very impressed with what we found. When recording, the biggest thing we noticed was how faithful to the source sound the MK4 microphone was. Apart from adding a little to the mids the sound reproduction was almost perfect. What this means is that you can add colour to the sound with your own preamps and plugins after recording. There was also no difference at all in sound quality between the iPhone and the Macbook.


Another key thing that we noticed was how quiet the microphone was, there was little to no noise, therefore there was no loss in quality when recording at higher levels. Whilst recording acoustic guitars we found the best results close micing the instrument, however when moving the MK4 further away from the source we still captured most of the tonal character, whilst not picking up much outside noise.

To give you a little more technical detail on the product it contains a 1” capsule paired with a 24-carat gold-plated diaphragm, with a 20Hz-20kHz response, a dynamic range of 130dB and a max SPL of 140dB. It also features a very sturdy build, but that is something we’ve come to expect with Sennheiser products.

For the price, this is a fantastic microphone. Whether you’re recording acoustic instruments, vocals or even found sounds, the MK4 will provide quality recordings in almost all situations. If you can’t quite afford the more expensive Neumann microphones, this is a more than capable alternative.