SHURE proudly release ShurePlus Motiv Video Recording App!

ShurePlus Motiv Video Recording App now available!

The days of sacrificed sound quality in IOS recordings are behind us. Pioneers Shure, have once again taken the first step towards achieving superior sound quality and control whilst ensuring a user-friendly experience and unparalleled efficiency.

When you take a microphone as high-performing as the Shure MV88 or MV5 and combine it with the control of Shure’s ShurePlus MOTIV Mobile Recording App, you are left a rather astonishingly good audio chain that’s more-than-capable of achieving professional results. It’s easy to say that this is by far the most portable, quick and accessible method of production on the market. Whether its out-and-about recordings, interviews, live streaming or many other potential applications, the MOTIV range is applicable to a wide selection of uses and ensures great results.

To take it a step further, Shure is happy to announce the brand new and free ShurePlus™ Motiv™ Video Recording App filled with smart, intuitive features and quick navigation for high-quality digital recording, editing and sharing via text, email, iTunes, AirDrop, and Dropbox. It’s a mobile application designed to combine the superb audio performance of the MOTIV line with video camera functionality, enabling content creators to visually capture important moments without sacrificing audio quality.

Paul Crognale, Manager, Global Marketing, Musician and Consumer Audio at Shure explains “by offering uncompressed audio through ShurePlus MOTIV Video, we’re able to closely represent the original audio source and vastly outperform iOS video recordings.”

You can make real-time adjustments to MOTIV hardware, or even optimize your selected hardware to properly match the environment or source of the sound. You can use the app’s editing features to trim and split tracks you’ve recorded, with features like user-defined fades and timeline markers to compliment and finalize your work. The app, most importantly, is a convenient and reliable stand-alone tool for high-quality recording and editing, despite which hardware is used. So, even if you don’t own a piece of hardware, download the App for FREE and start using it!

Now, If you’re unsure which piece of hardware is best suited to your requirements, let’s break it down.

For an all-round, high performing and versatile microphone I would look firstly at the Shure MV88 MOTIV Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone. It features a 90degree adjustable microphone element for highly flexible positioning and 5 preloaded DSP settings – speech, singing, flat, acoustic instrument and loud.

If you’re more of a desk-worker, the Shure MV5 MOTIV Digital Condenser Mic is a slightly more affordable desktop mic that comes equipped with a detachable aluminium desktop stand ideal for use when podcasting. It also features a headphone output so you can monitor your recordings! Designed for quick, simple and portable use, it is Ideal for recording acoustic instruments, vocals or even for use with Skype.

Maybe you need something with a little more onboard control or would simply like the option of using it with a Mac or PC? Shure has you covered with the MV51 MOTIV Digital Condenser Microphone. It features a touch panel control which makes it simple to adjust Gain, Phantom Power, Mute and Headphone volume. Boasting a stylish vintage design, the Shure MV51 also comes equipped with an integrated kickstand for desktop use and can be quickly adapted for use with any standard mic stand.

Perhaps you own your own microphones and would prefer to use them with your iPhone, MAC or PC? The Shure MVi MOTIV Digital Audio Interface for Mac/ PC/ iOS is the ideal solution for closing the gap between your phone and an input source for external microphones or guitars, keyboard etc. The Shure MVi also features five built-in DSP preset modes and includes an onboard touch panel control for quick access to gain, mute and headphone volume adjustments.

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