SHURE: The SE Earphones!

Compatible with Android, iOS and Bluetooth®, The Shure SE earphones are expertly crafted to offer you immersive and clear audio wherever you are. With up to 8 hours of wireless listening, Shure SE Earphones provide immersive audio and complete freedom.

Shure Se Headphones Mailer

The Shure SE535-CL-EFS Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear

feature triple drivers with high definition sound, as well as an 18 Hz – 19 kHz frequency range. The SE535’s are high-grade in-ear headphones from Shure which contain triple MicroDrive, High-Definition drivers, a dedicated tweeter and dual woofers. These work together to give you rich and deep bass tones and allow you to hear every single detail in a mix.

Shure Se535

The Shure SE112-GR-EFS Sound Isolating Earphones, Grey

The SE112’s are sound isolating earphones from Shure that deliver high quality, detailed sound with a rich, deep bass response. The earphones offer up to 37dB of sound isolation and have been sound tested by professional musicians as well as Shure’s top team of engineers, allowing you to hear your own mix when working on the go, or drown out the background noise on your journey home from work.

Shure Se112 Gr Efs Sound Isolating Earphones Grey

The Shure SE846-CL-EFS Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear

SE846 Professional Sound Isolating™ Earphones deliver extended high-end clarity + unparalleled low-end performance through quad high-definition drivers. The durable, secure design includes a detachable cable with wireform fit to keep earphones in place and cables out of the way. Four high definition micro drivers provide extended high-end clarity with a groundbreaking low pass filter – these are made for the professional musician to use on stage as in-ear monitors as they come complete with sound isolating sleeves giving a 37dB reduction of outside noise, coupled with the over-ear design ensuring they fit comfortably and will stay in place for long-wearing comfort.

Shure Se846 Cl Efs Sound Isolating Earphones Clear
Shure Se Earphones