SHURE: The SRH Series Headphones!

The best high-performance headphones, designed to the standard you want and deserve. Shure’s SRH Headphone Series has the perfect fit for everyone from professionals in the studio, to music students just starting out, to DJ’s in the height of their game. The SRH series is designed to cater specifically to their owners’ needs, with a little overlap in between, so you can use them everywhere from the studio to your walk home.

The Shure SRH-750DJ and the Shure SRH-550DJ

are both fully optimised for high-output DJ mixing. These headphones have been designed by Shure with durability and comfort in mind while performing to Shure’s world-class audio standards. The closed-back, supra-aural design fully isolates unwanted outside noise and allows the headphones to fit comfortably and securely on the ears and the collapsible headband with 90-degree swivel ear cups allows for further comfort and flexibility with wearing positions. Both of these headphones are highly portable with an ultra-light design that is still up to Shure’s world-renowned standards which are guaranteed to give you long product life.

The Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones and the Shure SRH240A Headphones

are the ideal set of headphones if you’re looking upgrade your home studio without breaking the bank, while still getting high-quality sound. The SRH240A will bring your tracks to life with 40 mm neodymium dynamic drivers optimised for general listening and monitoring and the SRH440 are completely optimized for home and studio recording giving you the highest quality audio range. Both of these models feature a closed-back and circumaural design which reduces background noise and adds extra power to the bass for a full-bodied audio experience with a comfortable fit.

The Shure SRH-940 Headphones

have been designed by Shure specifically for studio environments and are our headphones of choice for studio monitoring headphones. They have been crafted especially for professional audio engineers and professional studio recording use, engineered to provide accurate response across the whole audio spectrum, delivering smooth high-end extension and tight, detailed bass. The 40mm driver gives you an accurate frequency response and minimal distortion, ideal for mixing heavy tracks with lots going on! Again, this model has a closed-back design and the wide, padded headband provides ergonomic fit for further comfort over extended periods of listening