NAMM NEWS 2017: Teenage Engineering PO-32

Teenage Engineering are known for there cool, quirky and affordable synthesisers. This year for NAMM they are back with another entry in their popular Pocket Operator range, the PO-32 tonic.

PO-32 Tonic

The PO-32 tonic is a powerful drum and percussion synthesizer created in collaboration with Sonic Charge’s Magnus Lidström.

Featuring a wide range of sonic capabilities, a fresh selection of new punch-in fx, a built-in microphone and also the ability to allow users of the standard desktop version of microtonic to shape sounds, generate new patches and pattern data, and transfer this wirelessly to the PO-32 tonic.

The unit features 16 fully customizable sounds, 16 punch-in effects and a 16 step sequencer all packed into what looks like a standard calculator! If you’re a fan of Teenage Engineering be sure to add this PO to your collection