The Mapex Black Panther

For years, the Mapex Black Panther has been a staple of every drummer’s arsenal. They occupy a unique space in the market by being fantastic value for money and giving drummers the sound they’re after without having to spend the best part of a grand on something like a Black Beauty.

The series has undergone numerous facelifts over the years to keep up with Mapex’s need to meet the ever-changing wants of the modern-day drummer, their aim is to cater for each and every variant in style, taste and genre. 2020 brings a complete re-working of the entire series, and a grand total of 13 new snares to drool over. Mapex have cleverly covered almost every possible sonic option and specification drummers could ever dream of with this new collection. 

All models come with the Mapex Sonic Saver hoops as standard, along with the Cylinder Drive snare strainer and butt with micro lock adjustment. Each drum is also fitted with modern style Mapex lugs, and Remo heads. Apart from that, nothing is standard, as Mapex have provided models with a wide range of dimensions, in just about every wood/metal combination, from maple to birch, walnut, steel, aluminium and brass. 

Which one should I go for?

Drummers wanting a snare that packs plenty of tone, but without sacrificing presence and attack should look straight to the14x6.5″ hammered brass shell of the Persuader at £399.

Or if you need a snare that will cut through any mix, no matter how heavy, should investigate the 14×6″ Cyrus Steel Snare at £259.

Alternatively, if you need a dry sound, but with plenty of crack, perfect for studio work, the 14×6.5″ aluminium shell of the Atomizer at £379 should do the trick. 

Let’s not forget the biting sound of the Wasp Steel Snare at £249, Mapex’s most recent take on the popcorn snare design. At 10×5.5″, this drum will find it’s home with anyone looking to play intricate jungle breakbeats, or as an auxiliary snare to add to your set up.

Looking for wooden snares?

drummers looking for a snare suited to funk will love the 13×7″ Hydro Maple Snare at £349. The narrower diameter will make this really pop, but the 7″ depth will give the tone plenty of depth. 

There are still several more maple models, such as the Heritage at £259…

The Razor at £279…

The Solidus at £379…

and Venom at £299, in varying sizes, plys, and shell thicknesses, enough to cover any need! 

Mapex have also brought back some models with their signature Maple/Walnut combination…

with the Nucleus at £329…

and Pegasus at £379… This combination is part of what made their previous line of Black Panthers so widely loved; the warmth of maple, along with the low end, and dark tones of walnut is a sound you can only achieve with a Black Panther. 

And finally for drummers that want an even darker tone, can now pick up the aptly named birch/walnut Shadow at £289. The birch will provide a huge amount of low end, and attack, while the walnut will add a dark, complex tone to the mix.

So here’s to many more years of the Black Panther. The series is a beloved staple of the drumming community and is used by everyone, from touring and session players to young drummers looking to get their first foray into the world of professional snare drums. No matter what your need is, Mapex has it covered!