Top 5 Bass Guitars For Christmas 2017!

Top 5 Bass Guitars For Christmas 2017!

Need a little help thinking of something to buy for your bass playing loved one this Christmas? Whether you’re just playing for fun or a professional, nobody forgets their first Bass Guitar. But with thousands of guitars available ranging from a £100 starter kit to a £5,000 Fender Custom Shop, making a decision on which make and model to purchase can be incredibly daunting.

Get it right and the pleasure of buying this new guitar could lead to a life of fame, fortune and a life of travelling the world as a rock star! Get it wrong and it’s more than likely to gather dust in the corner of your spare room for years to come.

We’ve done the hard work for you! Analysing everything from tone, looks, durability and versatility to create this definitive list of the 5 best Bass Guitars for Christmas!

For Beginners: Squier Precision Bass Pack with Rumble 15 Amplifier

Top 5 Bass Guitars For Christmas

The PJ Bass Pack with Rumble 15 is an excellent way to get into bass Bass, features a Jazz bass pickup in the bridge and a Precision pickup in the middle position comes with amp, cable and strap.

Ideal for first-time players, the Squier Affinity PJ Bass Pack includes an Affinity Series Precision Bass with a powerful split-coil Precision  Bass middle pickup and a growling Jazz Bass single-coil bridge pickup. It also features a smooth-playing “C”-shaped neck and a lightweight, comfortable body.

Entry Level: Ibanez SR300E-AFM Bass Guitar, Autumn Fade Metallic

Top 5 Bass Guitars For Christmas

The legendary Soundgear bass continues to evolve! The beautifully sculpted Mahogany body is tapered around its perimeter making it sleek and very comfortable to handle. The same goes for the SR4 5pc Maple neck- its slim profile and 12″ fingerboard radius make it a breeze to play. The dual passive PowerSpan humbuckers give a fantastic range of low-end tones and can be tailored with a custom active 3-band EQ circuit allied with Ibanez’s new 3-way Power Tap switch. Tap Mode (single coil) creates a punchy, dynamic sound with superior articulation.

Strings are anchored with the very solid, adjustable Accu-cast B120 bridge which have extra-wide string solts which can accommodate a range of gauges should you decide to change the stock .045 to .105s. All in all a great, refined modern 4 string bass guitar.

Intermediate: Yamaha BB 434M Bass, Tobacco Brown Sunburst

Top 5 Bass Guitars For Christmas

The BB 434M is a Bass guitar from Yamaha’s 400 series. The Bass features a Solid Alder Body, a well constructed 5 piece Maple and Mahogany neck and a Maple fingerboard.

Onboard you will find two YGD V5 custom pickups, tuned to give the Bass a brighter specifically to cut through in live performance. Control wise there are two volume controls and a tone control to help you truly shape the tone of the guitar for your specific sound.

Professional: Fender American Professional Jazz Bass (Sonic Gray, Maple)

Top 5 Bass Guitars For Christmas

New for 2017, the Fender American Professional Jazz Bass sets the new standard! Speedy, powerful and articulate, the Jazz Bass quickly carved out a niche for itself when it was released in 1960. The slim, ultra-fast neck and slick offset-waist styling made it a favourite of bassists everywhere. Funk, fusion, disco and, of course, modern rock all owe a life debt to the fantastically versatile Jazz Bass.

Designed for comfort and performance, the slim modern “C”-shaped neck profile feels just right nestled in your hand, becoming one with you, while the narrow-tall frets provide a familiar playing feel and perfect intonation.

Custom Shop: Fender Custom Shop ’64 P Bass Heavy Relic, Sea Foam Green Sparkle

Top 5 Bass Guitars For Christmas

This vintage spec ’64 P Bass looks as bold as hell, sounds killer and feels nice and worn in. The stunning flake on this classic Sea Foam is nice and thin allowing the two-piece Alder Body to resonate nicely, weighing in at just over 9lbs. Some nice subtle relicing makes this look and feel like it’s been around since Fender’s Golden Era. The round laminate AAA grade Rosewood fretboard feels sleek and fat, topped off with a Vintage 7.25″ Radius and Vintage frets.

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