5 Top Tips for Transporting Your Amp!

As sturdy as amplifiers are, many of them especially tube amps house delicate electronics, and care must be taken when transporting them.

What with all the bumps, and other potential hazards in the road, the question occasionally arises: What’s the best way to transport an amplifier? Here’s a couple of do’s and don’ts worth thinking about when moving your amps from gig to gig.



Transport your amps upright, that’s the best position to keep it the safest, just like when it’s in use. Amp heads are especially easy to transport in their normal upright position.

Place them on a blanket, foam or rug to provide extra padding & cushioning from the harsh metal van floor or bouncing that can shake the valves loose. Even microscopic vibrations can accumulate into bigger problems over the years.

Lock it in place. You don’t want your amps & gear sliding around your vehicle where it could crash into something that damages it before you’ve even reached the gig. Use a seatbelt or a bungee cord to make sure it stays in place.


Transport it face up. For combo amps and speaker cabs, if you are unable to load them upright, the best way to place them is face down. If you drive around with these things face up, every last bump, dip and pothole will put downward pressure on the speaker parts, especially the magnets. Transporting your combo or cabinet face down, minimises these effects and can help a longer and healthier amp life.

Leave it uncovered. Purchase a cover or a hard case to ensure that your amp remains dust and dirt free.