NAMM NEWS 2017: Voodoo Labs Announce Dingbat Pedalboards

Voodoo Labs have stormed onto the NAMM stage this year and taken us all by surprise with their own range of pedal boards. After years of being the standard power supply to accompany Pedal Train boards Voodoo Labs have finally manufactured their own, and they’re blooming brilliant!

Pedal boards often get a bad wrap, they’re more or less the most boring part of any guitarists set up…maybe other than a power supply. They’re often glossed over, players learning from the short life span of cheaper boards before actually realising that they’re worth the investment. But Voodoo Labs might have actually put together the most exciting pedalboard package we’ve ever seen.

Voodoo Labs

Dingbat Pedal board

Not only have they released a brilliant line of boards in various sizes, they’ve also released them as sets. You can buy your board fitted with a variety of Voodoo Labs power supplies that the boards themselves are specifically designed to work in conjunction with.

But what’s even better than that – packages are also available that not only consist of a power supply, but also come equipped with Voodoo Labs very only pedal switcher built in!

The pedal switcher comes cut flush into the near end of the board, so it is subtle, leaving room for plenty of pedals, but the integration also means you can easily arrange your board without the switcher’s cables getting in the way, as they all connect beneath the board itself.

A range of sizes will be available in board, board and power supply, and board, power supply and switcher formats.

And we can’t wait.