Introducing The NEW Yamaha MODX Series Synthesisers!

The NEW Yamaha MODX Series Synthesisers!

Yamaha’s flagship keyboard the Montage is a monumental behemoth of a synthesiser, a real powerhouse of a sound design machine, and one of the most competent professional all round stage keyboards money can buy. As one would expect however, all of this oomph comes with a not inconsiderable price tag, and, as such, the Montage was by and large only for the most committed players and synthesists. Fear not though, thanks to technological trickle down, Yamaha have come to the rescue with the MODX range of keyboards. Lighter in weight, lighter in price, but not all that much lighter on features.


Sporting 128 voice polyphony the MODX’s AWM2 and FM-X based audio engine is fundamentally the same as its big brothers’. Available in 61 (MODX-6) and 73 (MODX-7) key semi-weighted versions, plus a full graded hammer action 88 note iteration (MODX-8) for the real players, all bases are covered. When you consider exactly what you are getting, any and all of these options represent tremendous value for money. The front panel controls have been slightly simplified, but the power of what lies beneath the hood makes MODX a real bargain. In short, you are getting most of the Montage’s capabilities for a fraction of the price. Including that fabulous full-colour touch screen and the ‘Super Knob’ the heart of its sibling’s interface and creative possibilities.

The YAMAHA MODX should find favour with a broad spectrum of users from the pro session player, to the gigging band type, and the deep dive synthesist or sound designer. Fingers crossed it will not be too long before they implement compatibility with the Montage version of Sample Robot as that would take MODX to a whole new level. I imagine the compatibility would be a fairly simple port with the shared file type. But for now at least you will have to stick with the vast array of stunning quality sounds already resplendent within the MODX, tough life eh?… So, in short if you have previously been tempted by the considerable sonic fortitude of the mighty Montage, but found the price point a little hefty, then the MODX is the keyboard for you. Or indeed, passes the MODX’s big brother by and are looking for a world class do it all synth for stage or studio MODX will fit the bill. You can shop for the YAMAHA MODX range HERE.