GAK REVIEW: Yamaha MX88 Synthesiser

GAK REVIEW: Yamaha MX88 Synthesiser

Yamaha recently unveiled the latest synthesiser in their popular MX line, the MX88.  Like all Yamaha products, the MX88 features a very sturdy build. It does, however, weigh in at about 15kg, making it extremely portable due to its lightweight plastic case.

The MX88 features 88 graded hammer action keys, giving you a realistic piano action, allowing for more dynamic and expressive playing.

The on-board sound collection is based on the 128 note polyphonic Motif XS’ waveform and preset library, containing everything from leads, to pads to realistic acoustic sounding instruments. Also included is a beautiful Concert Grand Piano, completely optimised for the MX88.

Connecting the MX88 to your Windows and Mac OS X computers is easier than ever, due to the class compliant, bi-directional USB audio/MIDI interface.  It’s possible to record straight into your DAW and also to monitor the computers output through the keyboards ¼” output or headphone jack.

The MX ’88 features similar controls to the MX49 and MX61 models. There is the familiar plastic pitch bend and mod wheels, four multifunction knobs, a data wheel and a whole host of buttons that can be mapped to certain parameters. There is also inputs for a foot control and a sustain pedal.

Also bundled with the keyboard is a copy of Steinberg Cubase AI as well as other free software.

The MX88 is a fantastic no-nonsense keyboard with enough functions to keyboard you busy for a long time. Whether you’re looking for a trusty work horse for the studio or a sturdy keyboard to take on the road, the MX88 could be perfect for you.

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