Arturia MicroBrute Red Limited Edition Synthesiser

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Product discontinued

The Microbrute by Arturia. Wether you are seasoned professional looking for a sonic kick to add to your arsenal, or a budding producer or player looking for access to a big sound on a small budget, the Arturia Microbrute is for you. The simple fact that you can now buy a real analog monosynth with modular capability (CV Patch cables provided), a built in keyboard plus a sequencer to boot for around the price of a decent plugin is astonishing. It is no slouch on performance either, it's unique architecture derived from Arturia's smash hit Minibrute offers unrivalled power and flexibility at the price point. Add to that modern MIDI over USB connectivity and an ultra compact footprint the Microbrute is a truly creative and inspiring instrument with a price and performance that has little if any competition. Now in this slick Red see through skin the Microbrute looks as striking as it sounds.

  • Completely unprecedented feature set for this price range.
  • Sonically aggressive and warm, loaded with character, built in syncable 64-note sequencer for tremendous hands-on fun.
  • Same oscillator and filter circuit as MicroBrute (LP/HP/BP ­but no Notch).
  • New sweepable 'Overtone' Sub Osc tunes a fifth or one octave down.
  • LFO, Envelope, Pitch and Gate can be patched out to other analogue synths (MiniBrute, Little Phatty, Voyager etc).
  • Sequencer will sync with 'analog grooveboxes' via CV Gate, Arturia SparkLE (etc) and DAW via USB/MIDI, use LFO out to add an LFO to Moog Minifoogers or Eventide Stompboxes etc (via expression pedal input 6.35mm Jack adapter)!

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