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Gibson Custom Murphy Lab

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Gibson Custom Murphy Lab

The Gibson Murphy Lab is an all-new division of the Gibson Custom Shop, under the leadership of guitar-ageing specialist Tom Murphy, dedicated to crafting historically accurate guitars of Gibson’s most legendary instruments. It’s a great hits album of 50 Custom Shop Historic Collection models, representing the most popular Made 2 Measure models and colours, such as the ‘59 Les Paul Standard, ‘64 SG Standard, and ‘59 ES-335, among others.

The Gibson Murphy Lab is led by veteran builder Tom Murphy, one of the original pioneers of guitar ageing, who for 25 years has been faithfully recreating the vibe and character of vintage guitars on the canvas of newly-created guitars. He was instrumental in the creation of the Gibson Custom Shop and his work is a fine art, expertly adding wear and natural lacquer cracking to guitars using his extensive knowledge, creative vision, authentic style, and passion for building historically accurate guitars. He has recreated the ageing on guitars of legends such as Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, Joe Walsh, Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry, Peter Frampton, Dickey Betts, Gary Rossington, and more.

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