Ableton Live 11


Ableton Live has become one of the top Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) of choice and, thanks to its rock-solid stability, intuitive interface & wealth of features, is hard to beat when it comes to live performance.

With a diverse list of famous users, including Kevin Parker (Tame Impala), Mac Demarco, Grimes, Deadmau5 & Daft Punk (RIP!), you’re in excellent company as an Ableton Live user.

Now, with Live 11, Ableton have significantly improved upon the hugely popular Live 10 with an upgraded workflow, fresh performance features and incredible capabilities that make it an essential download for Live users. Purchase a download code for Ableton Live 11 from GAK today!

Let’s take a look at how Ableton have taken Live 11 to the next level:

  • Comping & Take Recording: These particular features have been requested by Live users for a long time and they’re finally here! Comping allows you to record multiple takes and then seamlessly fuse the best parts of them into a complete take. You can also link two or more audio or MIDI tracks together to quickly edit multi-track recordings. This is particularly handy when editing vocals and drums. Additionally, this feature can be used as a creative tool as it allows you to easily splice clips & samples together.

  • MPE Compatibility: Live 11 is now ready to receive data from your MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) enabled devices, such as Ableton’s Push controllers and the ASM Hydrasynth. This capability provides you with a new horizon of expressivity, allowing you to apply pressure/aftertouch, slides and bends to manipulate individual notes in a chord (rather than the entire chord at once). Once you’ve recorded MPE MIDI data, Live 11 makes tweaking it afterwards a piece of cake thanks to Expression View. As an added bonus, Ableton have optimised devices/instruments such as Wavetable, Sample & Arpeggiator to work with MPE.

We highly recommend using a Push 2 controller alongside Ableton Live 11, as it gives you hands-on, immediate access to Live 11’s full potential. You can also use Push 2’s Poly Pressure capabilities to add otherworldly articulation to individual notes thanks to Live 11’s MPE compatibility.

  • Improved CPU Metering: CPU metering has been upgraded and now works on a per-track basis,

  • New Live Performance Features: Whilst Ableton Live is a fantastic DAW for multi-track recording and production, it also excels as a performance tool. With Live 11, Ableton have cemented Live’s reputation as a top choice for live use with fantastic new features. The most exciting addition is Tempo Following, which dynamically adjusts a Project’s BPM using an incoming audio source.

  • Upgraded Macros: Macros have been refined too, as you can now store Macro states and recall them in an instant. They also feature up to sixteen randomisable parameters (eight more than Live 10), which you can use in tandem with new MIDI variation tools such as Note Chance and Velocity Chance. Humanising and adding a natural feel to your Clips has never been easier!

  • New Devices: Ableton are introducing a set of innovative new devices that can provide fresh inspiration for your productions, including Hybrid Reverb, Spectral Resonator, Spectral Time, PitchLoop89. Inspired By Nature includes six playful instruments & effects created in collaboration with Dillon Bastan - Vector FM, Vector Grain, Vector Delay, Emit and Tree Tone. These devices utilise natural and physical processes as their inspiration.

  • New Sound Packs: Ableton have collaborated with esteemed developers such as Spitfire Audio (Upright Piano, Brass Quartet, String Quartet) and Curated Collections (Voice Box, Mood Reel, Drone Lab) to give Live 11 an unparalleled palette of gorgeous sounds to enhance your creativity.

Ableton have knocked it out of the park with Live 11, creating the most refined, capable and inspiring version of their groundbreaking music production software. Whether you’re an Ableton Live veteran or simply want to dive into its world of effortless & fun music creation - Live 11 is a no-brainer.

Ableton Live 11

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