AIAIAI Brand Page

Since hitting the scene in 2006, Danish company AIAIAI have become one of the leading names in premium audio gear. Their TMA-2 Modular Headphone System has made serious waves, with renowned artists such as Kaytranada, Bonobo and Charlotte de Witte favouring them above all others. As an AIAIAI headphone user, you’re in excellent company.

What sets AIAIAI apart is their artist-focused and highly collaborative approach to product development. AIAIAI have cultivated an impressive network of professional DJs and producers, who are consulted at every part of the process - from the beginning to the release. Because AIAIAI thoroughly road-tests their headphones in studios and on stages before release, you can count on them to deliver exceptional performance from the get-go.

AIAIAI’s headphones and their components are built to the highest standard, with no compromises on quality. From the unique bio-cellulose speaker drivers to the lightweight materials, you’re guaranteed precise professional-quality sound and supreme comfort with every version of the TMA-2.

Responsible, long-lasting design is one of AIAIAI’s core principles. They achieve this by using their famed modular concept, allowing you to easily repair and upgrade your TMA-2 headphones, and favour sustainable materials. In addition to reducing their carbon footprint and impact on the environment, this approach also greatly extends the lifespan of their products.

If you require a pair of headphones for music production or DJ performances that boast unparalleled longevity, are dead simple to fix and can stay up-to-date far into the future - you can’t go wrong with the AIAIAI TMA-2.