Akai Professional MPK Mini Play MK 3 Controller Keyboard

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Akai Professional MPK Mini Play MK 3 Controller Keyboard

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Akai Professional MPK Mini Play MK 3 Controller Keyboard Overview

An ultra-compact, tactile and feature-rich music production controller keyboard with plenty of internal sounds that’ll easily fit in your backpack!

New And Improved

The Akai Professional MPK mini Play mk 3 controller keyboard succeeds the immensely popular mk2 version. In addition to the portable form factor and built-in sounds that made the original such a hit with producers on the go, the Mini Play MK 3 boasts an upgraded hardware spec and a brand new software suite.

Upgraded Hardware

A highlight is the revitalised 25-key Gen 2 keybed, which was first featured on the MPK mini mk 3 MIDI controller. This velocity-sensitive, synth-action keybed offers a truly expressive, comfortable and dynamic playing experience - all within a super-sleek and compact footprint. The built-in speaker has also been redesigned to deliver extra volume and a more potent low-end response.

Other upgrades to the MPK mini Play mk 3’s hardware include protective end cheeks, chunky metal knobs (which have been shifted to the top of the panel for better access) and 8 real MPC drum pads. These updated velocity-sensitive pads have a satisfying response that’s perfect for punching in percussive drum parts.

Serious Portability

The MPK mini Play mk 3 is a fantastic take-anywhere keyboard that can be picked up and plugged in as soon as inspiration strikes. You can power the mini Play mk 3 via the USB port or 4 AA batteries for an impressive 14 hours of performance - no cables, power adapters or chargers required! The mini Play mk 3 can either be monitored from the 1/8" headphone output for practise/recording sessions or the more powerful built-in speaker.

Onboard Sounds

An advantage of the MPK mini Play mk3 compared to other compact keyboard controllers is that it can be used as a completely standalone synth workstation. With 128 instruments (including synths, pianos, organs, strings and FX) and 10 drum kits (which are automatically mapped to the pads), you have a huge palette of sounds at your disposal. This feature makes the MPK mini Play mk3 a top choice if you want a portable way to compose that doesn’t rely on a computer.

The sounds also feature a resonant filter, an attack/release envelope and Chorus and Reverb effects so you can tailor them to your tracks. You can also choose up to 8 Favourite presets, allowing you to rapidly load up combinations of sounds and drums.

Tactile Software Control

As well as performing as a portable workstation, the MPK mini Play can be used as a hands-on MIDI controller for your music software. Because the MPK mini Play features Class Compliant plug-and-play operation, you can simply plug it into your computer and your favourite DAW will recognise it instantly! Once connected, the 4 assignable rotary encoders can be used to control up to 8 parameters within your DAW or virtual instrument.

Performance Features

Performance-wise, the MPK mini Play mk 3 is equipped with a joystick for pitch and modulation duties. The flexible onboard arpeggiator features multiple play modes, selectable octave range and adjustable swing. It’s a great way to quickly create new ideas and spark inspiration. The pads feature MPC-inspired Full Level and Note Repeat capabilities, which can be switched on directly from the front panel. Plus, a sustain pedal can be connected via the 1/4" input for hands-free, piano-style control over internal and external sounds.

Free Software Suite

As well as the MPK mini Play mk 3 itself, Akai Professional also throw in a fantastic free software bundle. You’ll receive MPC Beats (a fully-featured DAW based on the classic MPC workflow), 3 plugin instruments from award-winning developer AIR Music (Hybrid 3, Mini Grand and Velvet) and a Melodics educational package to help improve your playing skills.

The mk3 is the most robust and responsive rendition of the MPK mini Play yet. If you’re looking for a compact, intuitive and hands-on way to create music - anywhere, anytime! - the Akai Professional MPK mini Play is hard to beat.

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Rated 4.00 out of 5 14/1/2024

I haven't used it much so far, but the quality of build was very good. The Mpc Beats and additional software was a bit tricky to install, however, when installed the quality of the support software was very good. A very good starter DAW supporting the MPK Mini Play MK 3 which came as part of the package.

Graham huff

Rated 4.00 out of 5 04/11/2022

As this is first device of this type I have nothing to compare it to. I like most of the sounds but the drum samples are limited. I wish it had a larger jack to go to an amp without needing an adaptor. But to just plug and play with a looper, it is great.


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