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AKG Guitarbug Transmitter

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The AKG GB 40 EU 2/ISM2 Guitarbug transmitter - Frequency EU2/ISM2. The AKG GB 40 guitarbug is probably the easiest way to turn a guitar, bass, or portable keyboard into a wireless instrument.

The AKG GB 40 EU 2/ISM2 has a FlexJack swivel jack plug that will mate with any type of output jack and is spring loaded to hold the GB 40 securely against the instrument. In addition, the GB 40 is so small it is almost invisible and won't be in your way while playing. Since the GB 40 sits right on top of the instrument's output jack, the noiseless on/mute/off switch and gain control are always within easy reach. Integrated charging contacts allow you to charge the battery quickly and easily on the optional CU 40 charging unit, without having to remove the battery.

This product will not work on its own. It requires a receiver e.g. AKG SR 40, on the same frequency.

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  • FlexJack swivel jack plug matching every guitar output
  • Extended frequency response optimized for guitar and bass
  • Integrated charging contacts
  • Optional CU 40 charger for reduced operating cost

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