Alesis DM Lite Kit (EX-DEMO)

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Product discontinued

This is an ex-demo kit and has been opened.

Alesis DM Lite Kit Overview by GAK

The Alesis DM Lite Kit is a pro electric drum kit with 10 built in kits full of great percussive sounds. This drum kit from Alesis also features an adjustable metronome to help the musician stay perfectly in time. Another very helpful feature is the built-in drum coach, this is a features of the Alesis DM Lite Kit and it's purpose is to provide drumming exercises for the user. The pads of the DM Lite kit from Alesis light up when the struck with drum sticks making this kit ideal for live shows as well as practising at home.

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  • DM Lite Module with 200 drum and cymbal sounds in 10 ready-to-go drum kits and "Learning Mode"
  • Super compact, 4-Post, height-adjustable, pre-assembled rack with integrated cymbal and drum hardware
  • (4) 7" single-zone, light-up blue LED, drum pads for velocity sensitive playability
  • (1) hi-hat cymbal, (1) crash cymbal, and (1) ride cymbal, all with light-up blue LED's when struck
  • Velocity sensitive Piezo kick pedal, simple and no-maintenance design
  • Momentary on/off hi-hat pedal for open / closed control over hi-hat positioning
  • USB/MIDI connection for use with audio recording software and virtual instruments
  • 1⁄4" Stereo outputs for connection to any sound system
  • 1/8" Headphone output for private practice
  • 1/8" Stereo aux input for playing along with your favorite tracks
  • The Pro Drums Lite Kit delivers light-up LED drum pads and cymbals, a pre-assembled, height-adjustable, foldable 4-post rack, and drum module with premium sounds, learning mode, and play-along mode. In addition to the low-noise dynamic Piezo kick drum pedal trigger, the Pro Drums Lite Kit features ultra-quiet, responsive rubber drum and cymbal pads with light-up blue LED's that illuminate when a pad is struck. An ideal choice for beginning drummers and seasoned drummers alike, the Pro Drums Lite balances drum education with pure fun. In "Learning Mode" pads and cymbals light up and show patterns for the player to follow, improving their skills and timing. For portability, space saving, and storage, the drumset collapses to a small size, all while staying completely assembled. The Pro Drums Lite Kit delivers great sounds, improves skills and technique, and puts on a mini light show in the process - it's a blast!

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