Alesis DM5 Pro Kit with Surge Cymbals

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The Alesis DM5 Pro Kit with Surge Cymbals is premium-quality electronic drum kit with revolutionary new cymbals. The kit delivers pro-drum sound and familiar, comfortable playability thanks to durable, real drum heads and amazing new cymbal design.

The Surge Cymbals include a 12" Surge HiHat, 13" Surge Crash and 16" Surge Dual-zone Ride to deliver crisp, accurate response with remarkable realism. They feature a custom brass-alloy with a special, clear dampening layer to merge the look and feel of real cymbals with the flexibility of electronic cymbals.

Drummers can practice quietly with headphones, or get as loud as they need on-stage by connecting to an amplifier. The DM5 Pro Kit with Surge Cymbals is ideal for recordings or live gigs.

The DM5 Pro Kit features a self-contained, electronic drum set that includes a sturdy kick and a heavy-duty HiHat foot pedal, snare, kick, 3 toms, with Surge ride, Surge crash and Surge HiHat Cymbals.

The heart of this kit is a rack-mounted, programmable DM5 sound module with 540 percussion sounds and 21 pre-programmed drum/percussion sets. Alesis' proprietary Dynamic ArticulationGäó feature powers the DM5 Pro Kit's drum sounds to respond instantly to the force with which a pad is struck, for the most realistic and accurate playback possible.

Experience the finest in professional electronic percussion GÇô the Alesis DM5 Pro kit with Surge Cymbals.

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  • Complete 5-piece electronic drum set - Dual-zone Snare, Bass Drum Pad/Stand, 3 Tom Pads, with 12" Surge electronic HiHat, 13" Surge Crash, and 16" Surge Ride cymbal
  • Accurate expression with real cymbal look and feel
  • Alesis Professional DM5 module containing:
  • 540 sounds
  • 21 programmable drum sets recorded in 48kHz, true stereo, with ambient effects
  • Single rack space module
  • Dynamic Articulation™ feature allows drum sounds to change volume, tone, and pitch depending on how hard they're hit - just like real drums
  • Ultra-fast trigger-to-MIDI converter with 12 trigger inputs, 5 programmable parameters for each
  • Bass Drum Pedal not included

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