Alesis V49 MKII Controller Keyboard


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Alesis V49 MKII Controller Keyboard


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Alesis V49 MKII Controller Keyboard Overview

The Alesis V49 MKII Controller Keyboard is a top choice for producers, performers and songwriters that are looking for a fluid, tactile way to control their software instruments, plugins or DAW. With its array of assignable hands-on controls, robust build-quality and affordable price, the USB bus-powered Alesis V49 MKII is primed to take your music production sessions to the next level.

Expressive Keybed

Alesis have outfitted the V49 MKII MIDI keyboard with 49 full-size keys, which boast a rapid and responsive synth-action. When you want to venture beyond the Alesis V49 MKII’s 4-octave range, simply press one of the Octave buttons to instantly transpose the keyboard up or down.

The Alesis V49 MKII’s keys are also velocity-sensitive, which means you can affect the sound of compatible virtual instruments depending on how hard you hit the key - perfect for when you’re adding piano or string plug-ins to your track and want to make the performance sound natural.

Other ways you can express yourself with the Alesis V49 are the Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, which feature a smooth, solid action. There’s also an input for a 1/4" TRS sustain pedal if you want to keep your notes going without holding down the keys.

Sleek Performance Controls

The V49 MKII is equipped with an assortment of MIDI-assignable controls, giving you quick, analog-style control over your DAW or software instruments. First up are the 4 knobs, which can be assigned to a wide range of functions - whether that’s the Cutoff control of your favourite soft synth or a track’s volume level. Nothing beats being able to turn a physical knob when performing or recording automation.

Tweakable Pads

The Alesis V49 MKII features 8 velocity-sensitive, LED back-lit pads, which are suited to triggering samples and punching in drum beats. With the Note Repeat (useful for recording rolls & patterns) and Full Level (makes the pads play at max velocity) functionality, you can easily emulate the characteristic response of a classic drum machine or sequencer.

Inspiring Arpeggiator

Alesis have kitted out the V49 MKII MIDI keyboard with an onboard arpeggiator, which is a handy tool for sparking inspiration and ideas. The arpeggiator features adjustable play modes (Up, Down, Exclusive, Inclusive, Order & Random), Time Division, Gate, Swing and number of octaves. The Tap Tempo button can be used to set the rate of the arp on the fly whilst the switchable Latch function allows you to take your hands off the keys and keep the arpeggiation going.

Free Software Bundle

In addition to a top-notch controller keyboard, Alesis also throw in a fantastic software bundle that gives you all the tools you need to start creating. A highlight of the V49 MKII’s premium software package is the MPC Beats software, a fully-featured digital audio workstation that offers an intuitive way to craft your own beats and productions. The included seven MPC Beats Expansion Packs cover a wide variety of genres you can get stuck in no matter what your style is. It never hurts to sharpen up your keyboard and piano skills.

The straightforward point-and-click MIDI editor software makes tailoring the V49 MKII to your specifications a breeze. With the editor software, you can tweak the MIDI messages that the controls transmit and customise the response of the pads & keys to the way you play.

The Alesis V61 MKII is available if you’re a composer, producer or sound designer that requires additional keys. The V25 MKII is a more compact solution if you need to save space in your home studio or want to create music on the go.

The Alesis V49 MKII controller keyboard is well worth your attention if you’re looking for a lightweight, compact and affordable way to use your favourite VSTs, plug-ins and DAW. Because of its simple plug-and-play operation, all you have to do is connect it to your computer and you're away! 

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