Allen & Heath K1 Controller

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Allen & Heath K1 Controller Overview By GAK.
The Allen & Heath Xone:K1 is a slim line, compact DJ MIDI controller giving you the power to customise and define your workflow and mixing experience with your chosen production or DJ software. The Allen & Heath K1 allows you to easily set up level controls, hot cue triggers, instant looping and FX. This effectively frees up your time, enabling you to concentrate on the music and not the laptop screen. There are a total of 52 assignable controls on the K1 for mapping to Ableton, Traktor Pro, Virtual DJ, MixVibes and more. The controls includes 12 analog pots, 6 endless rotary encoders with push switch, 4 linear faders and 30 backlit performance switches with three colour illumination. The Allen & Heath K1 is USB bus powered so you don't need a separate power cable and you can also link it up with other K1s and K2s over X:Link. removing the need for a separate USB hub. The X:Link protocol lets you expand your setup by directly connecting to other Allen and Heath mixers such as the Xone:23C, DB2 and DB4 mixers.

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  • MIDI Control - Xone:K1 is a universal controller and can be used with any DJ software , including Traktor Pro, Ableton, Virtual DJ, MixVibes and Mixx. Xone:K1 can even be used to control lights or VJ software - if it can receive MIDI data it can take commands from K1. What each control does is entirely up to you - you can create a completely customised layout that perfectly fits the way you want to work. We also provide example maps to get you started, plus step-by-step information on how to set up your own.
  • X:LINK - Two or more Xone:K1 and / or Xone:K2 controllers can be linked via our X:LINK protocol, expanding the control capability. X:LINK uses a standard RJ45 connector and distributes power and data, allowing connection to X:LINK compatible devices, including Xone:DB4 and DB2, to expand MIDI data without using additional USB ports.
  • BUILD QUALITY - Xone:K1 is both lightweight and hard-wearing, with a steel front panel and employing Allen & Heath's nutted pot construction.
  • OPTIONAL CASE/STAND - A black padded case for Xone:K1 is available separately. As well as keeping it safe on the road, the case doubles as a stand, elevating the K1 up to the same height as most pro DJ mixers.

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