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Sample Editor Antares InfinityImagine taking a raw sample, and then, with just a few mouse clicks, creating a loop so perfect that you can't tell when it started or where it repeats. Imagine doing that with sounds that are impossible to loop smoothly using your current sample editor, like string orchestra, choirs, fat analog synths, chorused guitar, and so on. Infinity lets you do that, quickly and easily. Infinity is a powerful Macintosh (TM) based DSP tool kit designed to be used in conjunction with your current sample editor. It uses unique DSP technologies to automate and improve the looping process, taking sample editing to a new level of quality, speed, and simplicity. Infinity allows you to loop everything from solo woodwinds to huge synth stacks with dramatic improvements in quality and speed. This means that you don't have to put up with rhythmic pulsing or lifeless sustains any longer. Infinity preserves the "liveness" of your samples because it has a looping tool appropriate for every type of sound. Using Infinity's unique DSP technologies, beginners can get results which are superior to professionals using normal sample editors. For professionals, Infinity provides a level of quality, speed, and simplicity far beyond what's possible with conventional sample editing tools. For looping sound, nothing on earth can equal Infinity.

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  • Real Time Loop Adjust (TM) lets you move the loop points during real-time playback, allowing you to locate the best loop points by ear. The SPR Looper (TM) automatically creates seamless loops in chorused and ensemble sounds while preserving the exact sound color and stereo image of your sample. The resulting loop data can be automatically merged with the attack portion of your sample.
  • The Synthesis Looper (TM) allows you to control the frequency domain sidelobe energy of the loop, and selectively smooth out lumpy sounding frequencies in chorused and ensemble sounds. The new sound is more stable and loop repetitions are less noticeable.
  • The Rotated Sums Looper (TM) allows you to randomly layer multiple copies of the loop data to "homogenize" the sound while preserving your original loop points. Perfect for improving those problem loops on CD-ROMs and for special effects.
  • The Freeze Looper (TM) creates perfect loops in sounds like winds, brass, and other solo sounds that have a clear harmonic series.
  • The Crossfade Looper with Smart Auto-Scan (TM) is an enhanced crossfade tool with an intelligent loop point scanner that lets you find the best loop point automatically.

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