Apogee Firewire X Series Expansion

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Product discontinued

The Apogee X-Series FireWire Card gives you the power and convenience of a direct connection to any FireWire equipped computer. The X-FireWire Card uses an expansion slot in the ROSETTA 800 to give users of Logic, Nuendo and other popular software the option of amazing sounding Apogee conversion. Using Apple's Core Audio FireWire driver for Macintosh and ASIO drivers for Windows, your hardware options for your DAW are greatly expanded. The two ports on the Apogee X-FireWire Card allow you to daisy-chain additional devices to create an entire system. By extending the bus, the X-FireWire card allows for daisy-chaining of multiple Apogee systems or compatible peripherals, and permits the use of multiple FireWire devices by computers with only one port. The card also passes power through the FireWire ports to allow the powering of additional devices. (Note: This feature is available for Windows systems only at this time). With and X-FireWire card installed in an AD-16X, DA-16X, Rosetta 200 or Rosetta 800 you have the power of a professional FireWire connection to your favorite DAW: Logic 7, Nuendo, Cubase, Cakewalk, Live or virtually any native audio production software.

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