Aquarian Super Kick I Coated Bass Drum Head (20in)

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Product discontinued

This Texture Coated drum head is a single ply head featuring Aquarian's durable Satin Finish texture coating for a rich, warm, and full sound. The "Sound Curve" collar design and patented Safe-T-Loc Hoop allow for consistent tuning, as well as a drum head that won't detune during a performance.

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  • Aquarian's "Sound Curve" collar designs allows for fast and easy tuning, with no wrinkles even with loose tuning. Drumhead sits perfectly on the bearing edge.
  • Patented Safe-T-Loc Hoop prevents slippage inside the hoop so the head does not de-tune during performance. Also allows for accurate, consistent tuning, and a head that stays in tune.
  • Extra-Warm Drumhead Film produces a rich, warm, and full mid-range sound on toms and more low end on bass drums.
  • Satin Finish Texture Coating is extremely thin, providing a more responsive surface for brushes and sticks. Coating does not chip off, outlasting other drumheads.
  • Unique "Triple Locking System" provides drummers with previously unheard of advantages in resonance and playability.

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