Aquila 34U New Nylgut D Tuning With Low A Soprano Ukulele Strings

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Aquila New Nylgut Soprano Ukulele Strings have been designed to have all of the tonal qualities of gut. A unique patented formula means that New Nylgut strings have a better sound than nylon or PVDF. They also offer more accurate fret-intonation, remaining stable during temperature and humidity changes.

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  • 4U: Regular Tuning, Key of C, All Nylgut
  • 5U: Low G Tuning, key of C (1 wound string)
  • 6U: Single packaged 4th Low G Soprano wound string
  • 30U: D Tuning, ADF#B (High A)
  • 33U: D Tuning, ADF#B (Low A)
  • 34U: Ukulele tuned fifths G D A E (G is wound) Soprano
  • 35U: 4th wound soprano Low A

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