Ashdown B-Social Lite Desktop Bass Combo

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Product discontinued

Ashdown Engineering changed the game with B-Social. Now offered in a slightly more laid back, refined and compact version - the Ashdown B-Social Lite is here.

Straight out of the box, The B-Social Lite is a highly lightweight and portable amplifier that delivers 35 watts of signature Ashdown tone via a single custom dual-concentric 5” driver, specifically designed to deliver punchy a low-end character in the one of the most compact enclosures on the market.

Like it’s bigger brother, the B-Social Lite allows for social jamming sessions thanks to its second instrument input - allowing bass players to play along with another bass player… or guitarist, keyboard player, violin, ukulele or drum machine - you name it!

Bluetooth 4.0 makes for a fully-fledged home entertainment system

The B-Social Lite features Bluetooth 4.0 audio connectivity to allow for wireless music steaming from your personal device. Smart phone, tablet or laptop.

When you’re not taking advantage of the B-Social Lite’s Bluetooth streaming feature – or if your using a non-Bluetooth transmitting device, you can use the balanced line-input.

Apptek – Tone at your Fingertips

The B-Social Lite’s Apptek socket allows players to access the ever-growing range of amp simulators and effects on smartphones and mobile devices, including Ashdown’s very own ABM Pre Amp.

You’re in control

The B-Social Lite features a simple 3 band EQ, letting you control the Bass, Middle and Treble, whilst the dedicated input one and input two controls let you individually adjust the volume of the duo of instruments plugged in to the B-Social Lite.

A line control allows you to decide just how much backing track you want without having to touch the volume control of your music-playing device. Lastly, the master volume control is the commander-in-chief – defining the output of your entire mix, whilst at the same time, handy mute switch and headphone output allow allows for silent practice.

Take it out

The Ashdown B-Social Lite features a stereo line out which allows players to connect up to an in-house rig and use for small gigs, while using the B-Social Lite itself as a great on stage monitor. Prepared for this, the Lite includes a gig-ready carry strap.

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