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Continuing on from the success of the acclaimed CTM-300 Head, Ashdown is proud to announce two new lower-powered additions to the range for 2013. Perfect for smaller gigs, the CTM 100 pairs the CTM 300 preamp with an all-tube, 100-watt power section. For home/studio use, the CTM 15 offers 15 watts of stunning tube tone in an unbelievably compact head. A reliable replacement for old technology, the CTM range delivers both huge amounts of tube tone and power.

For more information on the custom shop series & Ashdown Bass amplification contact Mike on 01273 665427 - [email protected]

  • Output power: 100 watts RMS into 2-, 4-, and 8-ohm cabinet outputs through speakon jacks, one for each impedance, no selector to go wrong.
  • Design frequency response: 30hz to 18khz at half-rated power.
  • Simplistic preamp with tube driven and recovered FX loop, dual gain stage with gaincontrol, bass, middle and treble rotary controls. There are also handy, easy-to-flick switches to further shape your sound in the form of a "Mellow" tone switch, "Bass shift" tone switch for deep/ clean bass, "Mid shift" which moves the frequency of the mid control for further shaping, and last but not least there is a "Bright switch" for enhanced definition at lower volume settings.
  • All tone controls are pure passive and interactive.
  • A tube-driven DI out which is transformer derived with isolated ground means the stunning all-tube tone can be easily sent through to the PA on larger gigs.
  • User-settable bias for each individual power tube with calibrated, dual function VU meter on the front panel when in bias mode. The VU meter is also used to monitor output when in audio mode.
  • Each output tube is individually fused and user-replaceable, without removing the unit from its case (meter also indicates tube or fuse failure).
  • The CTM's tube compliment is:
  • -2 x Ecc83/12ax7
  • -2 x Ecc82/12au7
  • -1 x Ecc99
  • -2 x 6550 (100W)

No upgrades available