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Audient ASP008 8-Channel Mic Preamp

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Audient ASP008 8 Channel Mic Preamp Overview by GAK.
The Audient ASP008 is a 1U, compact rack mount mic preamp that features eight ultra high fidelity microphone preamplifiers developed from the design used in the highly acclaimed Audient ASP8024 console.
The ASP008 provides 8 channels of Audient's top class premium mic preamps packaged in a 1U rack with a digital output option (for ADAT/AES)

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  • ASP008 offers 8 channels of Audient's premium mic pres packaged in a convenient 1U rack with digital output option for AES/ADAT. This provides the perfect upgrade for any user looking to step up to a world class quality of recording. Audient's mic pres and A/D converters will bypass the mic pres and converters in your multi channel interface and bring warmth, clarity and punch to everything you record. Don't take our word for it, get down to your local dealer and ask for a demo.
  • For a quick test, plug a bass guitar into the DI input and check out the solid bottom end, then plug in a decent mic, try out some quick vocals and listen to the dynamic subtleties you can capture with the ASP008 plus the amazing crispness of the top end. There is a fantastic smoothness to s and f sounds recorded through ASP008 and they are distinctly different from each other. Many traditional designs suffer from a blurring between s and f sounds making vocals much less present and distinct.
  • 48V - Phantom Power ON/OFF with 'soft start' feature to avoid thumps
  • INST/DI - CH 1&2 only. Selects jack instrument input with input impedance 1 MO -20dB: 20dB Pad (CH1&2 ONLY)
  • LINE - Selects Line level input with input impedance of 10 kO
  • Polarity - Polarity invert
  • Filter - Selects 12 dB/octave Hi-Pass filter - range 25 Hz to 250 Hz
  • PK - Indicates signal levels within 4 dB of clipping
  • SIG - Indicates signal levels above -25 dBu
  • I/P Z - Input impedance select 200/1200/5000 O
  • GAIN - MIC/DI 0 to 60 dB. LINE -20 to 40 dB
  • Sample Rate - Selectable 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz
  • Dither - Selectable 16/20/24 bit
  • MIC Input - Electronically balanced XLR with variable input impedance
  • LINE Input - Electronically balanced 25 pin D wired to DA88 standard
  • INST/DI Input - Unbalanced front panel mounted jack
  • LINE Output - Electronically balanced 25 pin D wired to DA88 standard
  • Digital output - Optional 48/96 kHz AES, S/PDIF and 48kHz ADAT light-pipe
  • Ext Word Clock - BNC
  • Maximum input/output level - 21.5 dBu
  • THD - Typically better than 0.007% at 1 kHz any gain setting
  • EIN - Better than -127.5 dB @ 60d B gain/ref 150 O
  • Frequency Response - -0.3 dB @10 Hz to -3 dB @300 kHz at unity gain
  • CMRR - Better than 75 dB at 1 kHz and 60 dB gain
  • Dimensions - 480mm x 278mm x 44mm
  • Weight - 4.5 Kg
  • Power consumption - 40 watts
  • Mic pre design - Audient uses an 8 transistor, discrete Class A design to provide a low distortion, low noise front end to your system. With 60dB of gain available it will handle any signal you can throw at it.
  • Line inputs - A D-Sub on the rear allows 8 line inputs to be connected to the ASP008. The Line button switches this input through the unit, providing a simple way to feed your line sources into your recording system, either through the line outputs or via the A/D converters.
  • Variable high pass filter - With a variable potentiometer to adjust the cut off frequency, the HPF can be used to roll off low end rumble and unnecessary bass frequencies. The result is a clean, ready to record signal that will sit straight in the mix without further processing.
  • Variable impedance switch - Ribbon mics love this feature! Many mic pres don't operate at the optimum impedance for ribbon mics, often taking the sheen off the sound. ASP008 will offer impedances up to 5000 ohms and 60dB of gain, perfect for all ribbon mics out there. Non ribbon mic users can enjoy the tonal differences possible with one mic simply by switching impedances.
  • Digital Output option - Audient knows a thing or two about converters. Although ASP008 was our first venture into A/D conversion, the design team has been working on converter design for some 20 years. We use the best converter chips available and take great care in both the analogue and digital stages to ensure we offer conversion that competes with the best out there.
  • The ASP008 converter offers up to 96kHz/24bit resolution through AES or ADAT connections.
  • Super channels - ASP008 has two channels that can take high impedance signals as well as mic signals. You can plug a guitar or bass straight into the front panel and enjoy to best DI sound available. A -20dB switch lets you pad down the signal if necessary.

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