Audient iD24 USB Audio Interface


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Audient iD24 USB Audio Interface


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Audient iD24 USB Audio Interface Overview

The Audient iD24 is a premium, desktop-sized USB 3.0 audio interface that delivers exceptional audio performance within an intuitive and easy-to-use form factor.

The Audient iD24 is a pro-quality audio interface designed for producers and engineers who demand superior sound. Audient audio interfaces have established a firm reputation for superb sonic fidelity and the iD24 is no exception, boasting two Class-A mic preamps found in Audient’s award-winning consoles, a discrete JFET instrument input and class-leading AD/DA audio converters. Features such as ADAT expandability, customisable monitor control and a Word Clock output ensure the Audient iD24 can seamlessly integrate into any professional studio setting.

Audient Console Mic Preamps

At the heart of the Audient iD24 are two ultra-low noise and low distortion Audient Console mic preamps. These preamps use the same discrete circuit design that’s found in Audient’s acclaimed ASP8024-HE mixing console. Sonically, the iD24’s mic preamps deliver a clear and highly accurate translation of your audio with a subtle touch of analogue warmth.

Class-Leading Converters

The iD24’s class-leading converters, 32-bit DAC converter technology and massive 126dB of dynamic range allow you to experience every nuance and detail of your audio - no matter how subtle. With the iD24, identifying potential issues with your mix is simple and straightforward.


The Audient iD24 can be used as both a portable USB audio interface and the nerve centre of a multi-track recording setup thanks to its ADAT and SPDIF connectivity. When it’s time to leave the bedroom studio and record drums or a live band, simply connect your ADAT expander to increase the input count to 8 channels.

Hardware Integration

Integrating outboard effects, making print-backs and incorporating outboard line-level audio is a breeze with the Audient iD24’s insert returns. Because you can access the A/D converters directly, you can guarantee a truly clean signal path. You can track and mix with hardware effects as well as record external mic preamps and bypass the iD24’s built-in mic preamps.

JFET Instrument Input

Guitarists and bassists are sure to appreciate the Audient iD24’s harmonically-rich JFET instrument input, which replicates the input stage of a classic valve amp. It’s the perfect foundation for your guitar and bass audio before it goes into your favourite amp sim.

USB Bus Powered

An advantage of the Audient iD24 is that it’s USB bus-powered - no external power supply is needed. If you’re looking for a compact audio interface for remote recording, the Audient iD24 is a top choice.

Speaker Outputs

If you’re a producer or mixing engineer that uses two different pairs of studio monitors for reference, the iD24 has you covered with its four line outputs. The extra line outputs can also be used to transmit audio to an external headphone amp during tracking.

Headphone Outputs

The Audient iD24 is equipped with an independent stereo headphone amp that can easily provide power to headphones up to 600 Ohms. The iD24’s headphone amp features two outputs (a 1/4" jack and a mini-jack), allowing you and your artist to monitor simultaneously during vocal recording and more.

User Defined Monitor Control

Audient outfit the iD24 with a trio of programmable function buttons, which are designed to speed up your workflow and sessions. They can be assigned to a variety of functions, including Mono Sum, Polarity Invert, Talkback, Speaker Select and any of the F-buttons.

Ultra Low Latency

The iD24 can be used alongside the iD Software Mixer app, which lets you set up low-latency direct monitoring, create up to two stereo artist cue mixes, save layout presets, assign hardware function buttons, easily set up advanced routing and more.

Innovation Meets Communication

iD24’s dedicated talkback technology enables you to use any audio source connected to your computer such as a built-in or USB microphone as your talkback mic, freeing up valuable mic preamps for recording.

Dedicated talkback technology is on-hand to help your recording sessions run smoothly. Any audio source connected to your computer, including a USB microphone and your computer’s built-in microphone, can be used as a talkback mic which frees up your mic preamps for recording.

Virtual Scroll Wheel

As well as volume, the iD24’s tactile knob can be used as a virtual scroll wheel that can also control a range of compatible onscreen parameters. Adjust faders, write in automation, tweak parameters and more.

Audio Loopback

The Audient iD24 features Audio Loop-back, which enables you to record from your computer and your microphones simultaneously, collaborate on mixes online, create a custom audio feed for livestreams and record audio from your gaming sessions. Controlling the loop-back functionality is made effortless by the software mixer.

All Metal Construction

Audient iD24 is built to last for many sessions to come, featuring a rugged and sleek all-metal chassis, hand-milled aluminium knobs and high-grade component selection.

Free Software Included

Bundled with a free suite of creative software including Cubase LE, alongside industry-leading plugins and virtual instruments, you can start recording as soon as you open the box.

In addition to the Audient iD24 audio interface itself, you also receive a free suite of audio software so you can start creating right out of the box. The free software bundle includes industry-leading plugins and virtual instruments.