Behringer energyXT2.5 Plus

#Behringer energyXT2.5 Plus
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Behringer Product Overview

Do We Really Need Another Recording Program?

Yes, when it's this unique. In the world of bloated, resource hungry music production software, energyXT2.5 is like a breath of fresh air. Imagine a digital audio workstation program that opens in mere seconds from a thumb drive that can be transported from computer to computer ' even between Windows (including Vista), Mac OSX, and Linux operating systems. energyXT2.5 is a compact, easy to learn and use "Studio On-the-Go." You can take it and your project files to a friend's house, or to a professional recording studio on the included USB drive. You can even multi-track export your recording from energyXT2.5 to all other DAWs.

energyXT2.5 also features its own bevy of synthesizers, including one that functions as a dedicated drum track. With its top-quality sound and speed, energyXT2.5 lets you Create Music Now!

  • # Multi-platform, fully portable and complete music production suite with ReWire-Energizer function.
  • # Quick and flexible track export function delivers audio tracks to any professional environment such as Logic or ProTools
  • # Neatly hosts and controls ReWire compatible applications such as Reason or Ableton Live - Perfect for DJs, producers and musicians of all styles
  • # The complete Studio On The Go on the included USB flash drive - take the fully-portable energyXT and all your songs with you everywhere you go
  • # Minimal loading time, no need to install. Start up and record your inspiration right there on the spur of the moment
  • # Perform, record and produce your own techno, house, hip-hop, R&B, rock or pop tracks
  • # Create, save, export and play your own music projects on the included 2 GB extra high speed USB flash drive, on your PC's hard drive or any mobile storage media
  • # High-performance 32bit/192kHz full-duplex audio engine with ASIO support, 32 inputs and outputs, WAV, AIF, MP3, REX2, and MIDI file formats
  • # VST ported ? load energyXT as a VST plug-in within any VST host software of your choice (Windows only)
  • # Ultra-flexible Audio/MIDI engine supports time-stretching, automation and MIDI learn functions for sequencer, mixer and plug-ins
  • # Soft mixer with virtually unlimited channels for audio, MIDI, effects returns and subgroups
  • # Fully configurable virtual FX/synth rack, ideal for live DJ, keyboard or guitar performances
  • # Native drum machine and synth/sampler plus full VSTi support
  • # On-board FX processors for EQ, reverb, chorus and more, with full support for VST effects
  • # Create, save and load your own loops and licks libraries in .xtc format, including linked instrument / plug-in parameter settings
  • # Tabbed interface for docking VST plug-in editors ensures optimized screen usage and ergonomic control layout
  • # Intuitive drag-and-drop operation of sounds, loops, effects and software instruments
  • # Multi-language quick start guide, to get you straight to where you want to be
  • # Skinnable, streamlined user interface - visit the comprehensive online skin library at the xt-user community
  • # Smart and innovative audio and MIDI sequencer for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

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