Boss BCC-2-3535 TRS MIDI Cable, 2ft/60cm


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Boss BCC-2-3535 TRS MIDI Cable, 2ft/60cm


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Boss BCC-2-3535 TRS MIDI Cable, 2ft/60cm Overview

Expand the Power of Your BOSS Gear with MIDI Connectivity

The BCC-3535 series cables provide premium connectivity for the expanding lineup of BOSS pedals with space-saving 3.5 mm TRS MIDI jacks.

These rugged and reliable cables allow you to connect BOSS pedals like the 200 series, GT-1000CORE, EV-1-WL, and others together to take advantage of the deep power of MIDI control.

The housings on the 3.5 mm TRS plugs feature slim, low-profile designs, helping maximize your precious pedalboard real estate.

Chain Multiple BOSS 200 Series Pedals via MIDI

The growing range of models in the Boss 200 series offer premium-grade effects processing while taking up minimal space on your pedalboard. When you connect multiple 200 series pedals via TRS MIDI, you can avoid tap dancing and switch presets on all units with a single press. Tempo BPM synchronization is also possible on models with time-based effects, such as the DD-200 and MD-200.

GT-1000CORE and EV-1WL

While the GT-1000CORE multi-effects processor is a powerhouse on its own, it becomes even more formidable with MIDI control. You can adjust nearly any parameter over MIDI, including up to 16 targets with a single command. Connecting the versatile EV-1-WL Expression Pedal via TRS MIDI is an ideal match, giving you extended control in a small footprint. Use the EV-1-WL’s built-in toe switch to toggle between the pedal operation of two GT-1000CORE effects (such as volume and wah), and expand the EV-1-WL Expression Pedal with up to two FS footswitches for even more real-time MIDI control.

Track Expansion for the RC-5 Loop Station

With class-leading sound quality, onboard rhythms, and a multi-colour LCD, the RC-5 is the most advanced looper available in a compact pedal. By connecting a second RC-5 via TRS MIDI, you can easily synchronize the two pedals and create a powerful two-track setup.

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