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Boss Guitar Amplifiers

Boss Guitar Amplifiers

The legendary Effects Pedal brand creating Guitar Amplifiers for all your needs.

Boss need no introduction in the Guitar Effects world, though many do not realise that they make more than just compact pedals. With their immense history and innovative ideas, Boss put their heart and soul into revolutionising the Guitar Amp.

Whether you are looking for a Combo/Head & Cab Stack to take to gigs, a Practice Amp for the bedroom or and an Acoustic Guitar Amp, Boss have the Amp Type for you.

Amplifier Types:

Boss Guitar Combos | Boss Practice Amps | Boss Guitar Heads | Boss Guitar Cabinets | Boss Acoustic Amps

Each Boss Guitar Amp comes with a 2-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage.

  • Boss Guitar Combos - Preamp, Poweramp and Speaker, enclosed in one unit. Suitable for Guitarists that need a single solution for gigging, practising and recording.
  • Boss Practice Amps - Small, portable and compact. These are the perfect amplifier for those that want to practice quietly and still enjoy fantastic guitar tone.
  • Boss Guitar Heads - Preamp and Poweramp with a dedicated output to pair with your chosen Speaker Cabinet. Perfect for the gigging or studio musician.
  • Boss Guitar Cabinets - An isolated Speaker, allowing you to pair with your desired Guitar Head. The ideal choice for Studios or Venues that need to cater to a wide variety of Guitar Players.
  • Boss Acoustic Amps - A dedicated Guitar Combo for Electro-Acoustic Guitar\Folk Instrument Players. Unlike using a DI Box or a PA System, Acoustic Amps are optimised and voiced specifically for an Acoustic Instrument, whether that’s an Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo, Violin or any Acoustic Stringed Instrument with a Pickup.

Once you have decided which type of amplifier you need, Boss has ensured that there is a range of amp for every type of Guitar Player.

The Ranges:

Waza Craft | Nextone | Katana | Acoustic Singer

  • Waza Craft - The Flagship series of Boss Guitar Amps. Perfect for the Guitarist that makes no compromises in their guitar tone and is searching for the pinnacle of modern technology and craftsmanship.
  • Nextone - Designed specifically for the Boutique Amplifier enthusiast. Removes all the negatives of owning a traditional Valve Amp, whilst retaining its “feel”, dynamics/tone and utilises modern technologies.
  • Katana - The most popular Guitar Amplifier range in the world right now. Easy to use out the box, over 60+ Boss Effects onboard and optimised voicings for Guitar Players of any age, gender or preferred musical genre/style. It’s the Amp for everyone!
  • Acoustic Singer - Voiced specifically for stringed Folk Instruments, Electro-Acoustic Guitars or similar. There’s even a completely separate vocal channel for singer-songwriters/performers to use Acoustic Singers as an all-in-one solution for live performances or in the studio.

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Boss Guitar Amplifiers


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