Boss KTN-MINI Katana Mini Guitar Amp

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Boss KTN-MINI Katana Mini Guitar Amp

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Boss KTN-MINI Katana Mini Guitar Amp Overview

Boss Katana Mini KTN-MINI Guitar Amp overview from GAK

The Boss Katana-Mini is a compact, portable, battery-powered amplifier that boasts a sound quality greatly exceeding other mini amps on the market.

Churning out 7 watts of power through its specially designed 4-inch speaker, the Katana-Mini provides you with a small but powerful amplifier that can be used seamlessly for practice, jamming and street performance.

Once plugged in we were taken back by the Mini's full tone and dynamic range, in spite of its tiny size, this thing packs a punch easily exceeding other amps in its class.

Impressively, the Katana-Mini packs all-analogue input circuitry with multi-stage analogue gain and three-band analogue tone stack. Chose from three unique amp types to transform your tone, 'Clean' offers a dynamic response with great clarity, 'Brown' provides high-gain tones for heavier playing and cut-through solos. Finally, 'Crunch' adds a helping of overdrive apt for blues and rock rhythms. The Katana-Mini's simplistic interface makes it ideal for first-time players and also seasoned guitarists who are looking for a simple and portable amp option.

Notably, the Katana Mini is also equipped with a 3-band analogue tone stack, giving you an easy-to-use platform to shape your sound to how you want it. Additionally, make use of the Mini's built-in tape-style delay and reverb

Run the Mini on the move and in the streets with just six AA-size batteries, or use a AC adapter (sold separately) for indoor practise and jamming. Play to your favourite tracks via the AUX input and capture your playing with the Phones/recording output with additional cabinet voicing.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 20/11/2022

A really great amp, a bit wider than the more expensive and excellent roland mini twin speaker amp, but light portable sounds amazing and lots of fun, i would recommend

Simon Clay

Rated 4.00 out of 5 24/5/2021

Great value for money, good sound and loud enough for a small venue.

Phil Durrant

Rated 5.00 out of 5 22/4/2021

Wow a super Amp , great tones 10/10

Martin Brown

Rated 5.00 out of 5 04/4/2021

Unbelievable. This is NOT my Vox AC30, and nor is it my 100W Katana. However, for a package that is powered by batteries and can, quite literally, fit into the palm of your hand, the Katana Mini is simply fantastic. The amp models are brilliant and the delay (reverb) function is an excellent feature. On "clean" settings the volume of the amp is perfectly adequate and will fill a room with no issues, and on the "crunch" and "brown" settings, the amp was more than loud enough to fill a large room at 2/3 volume. Whilst I personally think that this is not quite enough for an advanced/intermediate players sole amplifier, I would completely agree that for a beginner, they would need no more than this. Having tried options from Yamaha and other brands, this is firmly my favourite battery powered micro amplifier for any level of guitarist and equipment, the tone is simply that good! The best way I can describe it is this - when I first plugged my PRS McCarty 594 into it, I was vaguely aware that I wasn't playing through my Vox. However, after five minutes or so, I had completely forgotten this wasn't a "real" amp, and had to keep looking down at the tiny box on the floor to believe it! Well done, Boss!

Mr Ian Furtado

Rated 5.00 out of 5 29/3/2021

Great service & product

linda karaosman

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