Boss WAZA-AIR Wireless Personal Amp Headphones

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Boss WAZA-AIR Wireless Personal Amp Headphones

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Boss WAZA-AIR Wireless Personal Amp Headphones Overview

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Boss Waza-Air Wireless Personal Amp Headphones

The most revolutionary Practice Amp system ever made.

Overview By GAK

Boss WAZA-AIR could be one of the most unique and revolutionary products that we’ve seen in a while. On first look, you just see a fancy pair of Boss headphones, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, the Boss WAZA-AIR Wireless Personal Amp System can be used as a conventional set of Bluetooth headphones, wirelessly streaming the audio from your favourite smart device, however, the WAZA-AIR are no ordinary set of headphones.

WAZA-AIR is a Wireless Personal Guitar/Bass Amplifier System, meaning that you can play your guitar/acoustic/bass anytime, anywhere, without any cables. Plus, as they’re a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, you can play without disturbing anyone around you. It’s the ultimate completely private practice amp for playing late at night, on the move or places where you can’t make any noise.

WAZA-AIR comes fitted with a lithium-ion battery, that has approximately 5 hours of continuous playing time, so you can listen to music on the move, as well as get in your necessary hours of practice.

Experience The Feel Of Being In The Same Room As An Amp - Without One

Boss WAZA AIR is designed to make the player feel like they are in a room with a physical amplifier. Gyro Ambience Technology allows you to position the amp directly in front of you, behind you or as if you were on stage. You can even set the amp to be in a specific place in the room, and as you turn your head, the amp stays in the same position.

When placing the amp as if it were behind you on stage, you can utilise the Gyro Ambience Technology to position an audio backing track. You can then position the audio track behind you as if you were performing centre-stage with your favourite band. The WAZA-AIR are noise cancelling too, so you are fully immersed in the experience of playing your instrument, no matter the environment you are in or want to be in.

An Amp Sound For Every Tone

There are 5 amp voicings on the Boss WAZA-AIR - Flat, Clean, Crunch, Lead and Brown.

  • Clean - the classic American-Style bright/spangly clean sound.
  • Crunch - responds just like a traditional Class A vintage British amplifier.
  • Lead - a modern American-inspired high gain amp.
  • “Brown Sound” - the essence of the iconic tone of the late Eddie Van Halen and is similar to his classic vintage tone, where the valves of the amp are pushed to the limit - it’s so loud, you might as well jump!
  • Flat - flat response, which allows you to plugin Acoustic, Bass or any other instrument that doesn’t require a Guitar Pre-Amp. The WAZA-AIR isn’t just for guitar players!

Over 50 Effects And Endless Editability

The Boss WAZA-AIR gives users over 50 iconic effects pedals, ranging from drives, distortions, modulations, reverbs, delays, special effects, EQs and many more. When using the BTS app, you mix and match any of the 50+ pedals, allowing you to build your dream pedalboard rig. There are 6 patch locations that can be saved directly to the WAZA-AIR, as well as a patch librarian for you to store hundreds of customised pedalboards to the BTS App.

Completely Wireless

The WL-T Wireless Transmitter, which comes included with the WAZA-AIR, is the same that comes with the Boss WL Systems. It can be provided up to 12 hours of continuous use when fully charged by the micro-USB cable (also included).

The WL-T comes fitted with an Auto-On function, powering the transmitter on as soon as you plug it into a jack input. The WL-T has Motion Sensor Technology, which automatically powers off the transmitter after a short period of non-use. It will also power back on again as soon as you pick up your instrument.

There is also Audio Detection, meaning that if you were to plug the WL-T into a pedalboard, the moment you start playing, the transmitter will automatically power on. Audio Detection will even turn the WL-T off again after 60 minutes of receiving no audio signal. Both Motion Sensing or Audio Detection are designed to save the battery of the WL-T, so you can play for longer. Either can be enabled within the Boss Tone Studio for WAZA-AIR App.

There’s An App For Everything…

All of this technology is easily controlled by the free Boss Tone Studio for WAZA-AIR App. Which is available for both iOS and Android devices. It connects wirelessly to your smart device and allows you to access all the detailed settings of the WAZA-AIR Headphones.

You can create/edit your own patches as if you were controlling the sound of a physical amplifier/pedalboard setup and save them to the Headphones. You can even download free artist patches from Boss Tone Central. Users of the popular Boss Katana Amplifier Range will recognise the interface of the BTS app.

Please note: headphones cannot be returned once the packaging has been opened due to personal hygiene reasons.

To protect your WAZA-AIR when on the move, partner them with the Boss CB-WZ-AIR WAZA-AIR Carrying Case.

BOSS EV-1-WL Banner

The WAZA-AIR is compatible with the Boss EV-1-WL control parameters wirelessly, including:

  • Foot volume
  • Pedal WAH
    With additional FS-6:
  • Patch up/down
  • Boost/Modulation on/off
  • Dealy/Effects on/off
  • Reverb on/off
  • EQ on/off
  • Gyro reset

For users that still require an all-wireless solution to playing the guitar and prefer having a physical speaker, check out the Katana-Air.

<< Click here to learn more about Waza Craft >>

Here’s What Boss Say:

“The Boss Waza-Air allows you to experience the joy of playing your instrument, any time, anywhere, without disturbing neighbours, parents, partners, children or people alike. It also takes away the hassle of setting up an amplifier, your pedalboard, a computer and plugging in messy cables. With Waza-Air, simply plug the wireless transmitter into your instrument, put on the headphones and play away until your heart’s content.

A big issue with using headphones with a typical multi-fx unit or from an amp, no matter how good they are, the feel and sound aren’t the same as being in the room with your amp. This is what we have focused on with WAZA-AIR, perfectly encapturing the experience and feel of playing with a traditional guitar amplifier, as well as the tone.

With Gyro Ambience Technology, the WAZA-AIR places the amp in the room with you, and as you turn your head from left to right, the amp stays in the same position. WAZA-AIR doesn’t stop there, you can even stream audio tracks to the WAZA-AIR via Bluetooth and place it behind you as if you were standing centre stage performing with your favourite band.

You can access numerous different amp sounds, effects pedals and download free artist patches, so all types of musician can use WAZA-AIR. The Boss Tone Studio and Boss Tone Central apps are free to download to your favourite Smart Device and you connect to them wirelessly via Bluetooth.

For users that would like a wireless experience, and prefer having an amplifier, check out the Katana-Air.

The WAZA-AIR comes with a 2-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage.”

To show how quick and easy the Boss WAZA-AIR are to set up, check out the below video from Alex Hutchings:

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 07/8/2023

Great product


Rated 5.00 out of 5 23/6/2021

Very good at what they do in manual mode. I haven't tried the app yet due to bad reviews.

Alan Parkinson

Rated 5.00 out of 5 19/6/2021

Excellent - better than I expected. No connection problems with iPhone XS and audio quality from both the amp and streaming is excellent. Expensive? Yes - but worth every penny.

Stewart Ingram

Rated 5.00 out of 5 12/6/2021

Loving them, they mean I can practice any time, even in the early morning, without creating domestic friction I am a non gadget person, but they were easy to use. The stock sounds are all based on teenage musical preferences, massive reverb, loads of gain, the sort of thing people use to make bar chords sound ok. However, the android app was easy enough to use, at least enough so to let me kill the comical reverb etc. I now have a set of reasonable sound profiles saved to the headphones. I will keep tweaking them. I hope they come up with some presets for jazz styles, not everyone digs metal, although it's kind of fun for half an hour.....

James Nicol

Rated 5.00 out of 5 06/6/2021


Stephen H Dobbin

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