Boss Waza Craft HM-2W Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal

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Boss Waza Craft HM-2W Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal

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Boss Waza Craft HM-2W Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal Overview

The Boss HM-2 is back and with a vengeance. The original HM-2 is a legendary name in the Distortion Pedal world, defining the iconic “chainsaw tone” akin to Swedish Death Metal. Pedal nerds will tell you that the HM-2 offers much more than this, as it became a hidden gem, being used in mainstream pop and shoegaze too.

The HM-2 is a true cult hero and some of the biggest names in guitar used it as the secret to their tone. Dave Gilmour, a guitarist that needs no introduction, uses the HM-2 is a staple for his tone. During the 80s, his drive tone came from the HM-2. Need we say more?

After years of requests from hardcore HM-2 fans, even clubbing together with a petition directed to the brand, Boss has finally brought this iconic stompbox back.

Boss hasn’t just rereleased the HM-2, they’ve rebuilt it from the ground up in a special Waza Craft edition. Featuring all-analogue circuitry and only the most premium components, the HM-2W is the HM-2 on steroids.

Purists can enjoy the beautifully authentic Standard Mode, whereas those that want to push the boundaries even further, Boss have added Custom Mode.

Standard Mode - True To The Original

When in Standard Mode, the HM-2W delivers the exact analog sound of the original HM-2, even featuring the same circuit. Boss hasn’t stopped there, as not only does the HM-2W give the modern guitarist the original HM-2 aggressive tone, they’ve also improved it.

Boss has reduced the noise floor and expanded the maximum level by 3 dB. Not this, it also features the Waza Craft premium buffer, meaning the HM-2W will be the most crystal clear and hard-hitting HM-2 you’ll ever hear.

Whack all the knobs to the max and you’ll replicate the revolutionary “chainsaw tone” the HM-2 is renowned for.

Custom Mode - All New Waza Craft Tuning

Metal Music has evolved and becomes increasingly more extreme and more aggressive. The demands of a modern guitar player are more testing than ever, meaning the HM-2W needs to cater for the new world.

Custom Mode gives the HM-2W an all-new voicing, with more gain, more volume and even more aggression. It’s hard-hitting and includes more of the fundamental guitar tone for more attack and sharpness.

You’ll hear increased definition and body in the low and high-end frequencies, making it stand up to the test of even the most extreme guitar players.

Orange and Black is Back

To appease such loyal followers of the HM-2, Boss has made sure the original aesthetics of the HM-2W match the original.

Everything from the Orange and Black finish, Dials and lettering all match the original. The only way to spot that it’s an HM-2W is the Waza Craft logo, Custom Switch, the chrome battery switch and “Made In Japan” stamp.

Waza Craft: The Art of Superior Tone

The HM-2W has been added to the Waza Craft Series, which sits at the very pinnacle of Boss engineering.

With Waza Craft, no compromises or exceptions are made in any of the products from this range. every microscopic detail of a Waza Craft product feature the very best components and Boss take great pride in placing the Waza Craft Kanji on each model.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 06/9/2022

This company was one of the few that actually had them in stock, no cheaper or more expensive than a lot of other companies. Brand new, complete with box and full instructions (and a battery!) and works perfectly. Gives me exactly the sound I was needing, almost straight out of the box - very little tweaking required. Perfect.

Richard Green

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