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Tube Microphone

The VX2 features a totally new approach to tube microphone design. Each side of the extra large OptemaGäó condenser capsule has its own independent tube head amp and output amplifier, including separate high quality custom output transformers. The dual tube design allows the head amp tube to be optimized for low noise, while the output tube is optimized for driving the transformers and cables. Polar pattern switching is done at the output of the microphone rather than at the capsule.

This computer optimized design results in a noise floor that is lower then many FET mics, but still has considerable headroom. This is all done without having to resort to a solid state output section that could detract from the true tube sound. The tube circuit has been optimized for flat phase response and has a bandwidth that extends beyond 100KHz. This results in audibly superior transparency.

The OptemaGäó capsule in the VX2 is produced in our capsule facility in Conneaut, Ohio. This new capsule is extremely large with an actual diaphragm diameter of 1 1/4". The high tension diaphragms are aged, gold sputtered, and made from the newest 3 micron thick high strength polymer film. The other capsule components are precision machined brass and stainless steel. Each capsule is hand dampened and assembled in a state of the art clean room facility.

The screen/capsule assembly is easily removable in the field for use with the included 1.10" diameter screen/capsule assembly for a frequency response that has brighter characteristics.

The included power supply for the VX2 is an analog design utilizing a toroidal power transformer.

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  • Dual valve design (seperate tube head amp and tube output circuits)
  • Dual custom wound nickle core humbucking output transformers
  • Large capsule with 1.25" diameter, 3 micron thick gold
  • sputterd diaphrams (Exclusive CAD Optema™ Series)
  • Multi-pattern (Cardiod, Figure 8, and Omnidirectional)
  • Heavy duty analog power supply
  • Digital 24 bit output option with 120dB dynamic range and sampling rates up to 96Khz
  • Detatchable capsule/screen assembly for optional capsules with alternate frequency responces
  • 8 and 16dB non-capacitive pad
  • 80Hz high pass filter
  • includes ZM-2 shock mount

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