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Cakewalk SONAR Home Studio 7 XL Educational Copy

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Educational Copy
This item is for Students only
Do not purchase this product if you are not a student.

SONAR Home Studio 7 XL from Cakewalk is multi-track recording/editing software, perfect for musicians taking the first step into digital recording. The software comes with a comprehensive feature set that turns a computer into a complete music production studio, and provides everything needed to take music from inspiration, to finished CD.

Additions over previous versions include a new "Console" view that is both simplified while providing more information for achieving the perfect mix. An expanded "Loop Explorer" facilitates in finding media much faster, thus not restricting workflow and the implementation of ideas. A "Send Assistant" simplifies audio routing and effects busses.

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  • Recording
  • 64 audio tracks with unlimited MIDI tracks
  • Pristine audio quality with up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution/sampling rates
  • Supports multi-input audio interfaces
  • Overhauled, intuitive interface allows for quickly recording, editing, arranging, and mixing
  • Track presets and project templates allow for quick session set-ups
  • Includes virtual instruments with the ability to load additional DXi and VSTi soft synthesizers, and integrate ReWire compatible applications
  • A "Synth Rack" provides a control center for all of the user's virtual instruments
  • Simplified "Instrument Tracks" provide for quicker set up, playing and recording of virtual instruments
  • Updated "Loop Explorer" allows for quick auditioning of audio and MIDI loops and audio samples
  • Built-in audio metronome helps keep perfect time
  • Editing
  • Edit Audio and MIDI from one central view
  • Navigator Pane provides a bird's eye view of an entire project
  • Powerful editing with multi-clip edits, loop-rolling, slip editing, fade drawing and more
  • Precise waveform display for detailed editing, and fast navigation with "Fast Zoom"
  • "Drop Zone" editor makes light of custom loop creation
  • Pitch, pan, and gain of slices can be adjusted in any ACID-format loop
  • "Loop Explorer" allows for previewing and auditioning audio and MIDI loops in the tempo and key of a song
  • "Track Folders" and "Track Icons" help keep projects organized
  • Freeze function for virtual instruments and effects conserves CPU power
  • Import any Windows AVI or MPEG video and create soundtracks using video thumbnails and a dedicated video window
  • Edit and print music notation, lyrics and lead sheets
  • Mixing
  • New console view with built-in Sonitus:fx EQ on every channel
  • Responsive mixing with a 32-bit floating point audio engine
  • Audio and MIDI effects including reverb, delay, dynamics, modulation effects, tape, amp simulation and more
  • New "Send Assistant" simplifies audio routing and effects busses
  • Powerful automation tools allow the user to mix on the fly
  • Keyboard or other MIDI control surfaces can control effects, instruments and the mix using ACT (Active Controller Technology)
  • Additional VST and DirectX effects can be added with full plug-in delay compensation
  • Mixes can be exported via WAV, ACID-format WAV, AVI, MIDI, MP3, Real Audio G2, Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • Sharing
  • Cakewalk Publisher allows for songs to be uploaded to the Web and to build a custom song player for a website, MySpace page, and more
  • Mixes can be burned directly to CD as Redbook audio
  • Export your project to popular audio and video formats, including QuickTime
  • XL Exclusives
  • Cakewalk Studio Instruments includes a high quality drum kit, bass guitar, electric piano, string section and includes pre-recorded patterns played by session musicians. This allows the user to very quickly build sections for songs, practice, or for playing along with
  • Studio Devil VGA is a guitar amp simulator featuring all the controls needed to craft a great tone and includes bass, middle, treble EQ, and presence, as well as the ability to toggle between two different speaker cabinet models and Direct Box emulation
  • Boost 11 peak limiter gets more volume and punch from a final mix and includes a look-ahead algorithm. Avoids coloring the source material
  • Dimension LE synthesizer with over 400 sounds, ranging from real bass, organ and electric piano samples to cutting-edge synthesizer sounds and rhythmic grooves
  • "Step Sequencer" can create beats, grooves and synthesizer lines easily with 16 steps per beats and 64 beats per pattern. Supports odd time signatures and "Fit Pattern to Quarters" control fits patterns into lengths of any number of quarter notes for creation of poly-rhythmic parts

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