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Camps NAC-2-N Nylon-strung Electro-acoustic (Pre-Owned)

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A stunning example of a beautifully realised, slim-bodied, nylon-strung electro-acoustic guitar. The sound is fantastic, with great tone and depth and is unbelievably easy to play. Comes complete fitted hard case. For more information get in touch with our Acoustics Dept. on 01273 665424 or email Simon ( --------------------------------------------------- This guitar is addressed to restless players. It is designed to provide a wonderful playability. It is achieved because the action of the strings is adjusted in order to facilitate the action, the neck is made in such a way that the left hand slides softly and the narrow case. Moreover, it contains an adjustable truss rod inside the neck, which has a double effect. On one hand bending problems are avoided, and on the other hand it is possible to build narrower necks, getting thus the desirable ergonomics - so that the left hand plays effortlessly. An ease playability at treble fret, thanks to cut-away aesthetics. The tone is silky, smooth, very even and clean with deep powerful basses and thick, weighty trebles. With cut-away aesthetics, it gets an wonderful playability at treble frets. Amplified using an exclusive amplification system with six independent saddle which ensures a perfect balance of every string.

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