Canopus CPSL-14NP Vintage Chrome 14in Snare Wire

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Product discontinued

Chrome-plated: reduces unwanted high pitch overtones yet allows a rich and mild sound.

We have dedicated in reproduction of original of wire material and shape supported by the accurate analysis of material composition of vintage snare wires of 1960.
Furthermore, by selecting the end plate as thin as 0.5 mm, we are able to materialize, abudant sound which has both brisk and depth.It is especially, suitable for the dedicate performance in the acoustic ensemble.
Needless to say, you would agree that a snare drum is the most important component in drum sounds, and the determinant factor of the snare drum is snare-wire.
However, this fact has not been fairly recognized until very recently except a few drummers. 1n 1960, Ludwig and Slingerland manufactured what has now become the standard for good vintage wire. Several manufacturers have tried to re-produce the sound.

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