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Caroline Hawaiian Pizza Fuzz Pedal

Caroline Guitar Company has re-launched the Hawaiian Pizza Fuzz-Drive. The stompbox was initially available only as a limited, one-day purchase in support of the Girls Rock Columbia mentorship programme – until popular demand convinced the pedal brand to release it to the wider public.

Built in collaboration with Electronic Audio Experiments, the Hawaiian Pizza is capable of a range of sounds, from gritty tube tones to vintage British styles to gated fuzz. The pedal also features an internal pickup simulator, which allows the stompbox to be placed anywhere in your signal chain.

In terms of controls, the Hawaiian Pizza sports three interactive knobs that determine output volume, fuzz bias and the level of input signal.

  • Output (‘Pizza’ Icon) Determines the output volume
  • Starve (‘Pineapple’ Icon) Determines the bias of the fuzz Turn clockwise for a crunchy and dynamic tone Turn anti-clockwise for a spitty, lo-fi tone
  • Input (‘Pork’ Icon) Determines the guitar signal’s level Turn clockwise for a heavy, muddy fuzz tone Turn anti-clockwise for a trebly, brighter fuzz tone