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Catalinbread are a boutique effect pedal manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon. They’re renowned for the stunning quality and incredible sound of their handmade stompboxes. Crafted by a small team of avid musicians, Catalinbread’s premium effects represent a refreshing player-oriented approach to stompbox design.

With a laundry list of top endorsees - including virtuosos such as Eric Johnson & Paul Gilbert, world-famous artists such as Billy Corgan & Ed O’Brien as well as contemporary ones such as Phoebe Bridgers & Cate Le Bon - it’s clear that Catalinbread’s approach is a winner.

Catalinbread effects cover a huge range of tonal colours, you can create a versatile pedalboard from purely Catalinbread boxes - and it’ll sound amazing!

Every brand new Catalinbread pedal comes with a 3-year warranty, which covers defects in materials and/or workmanship. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Delay & Reverb Series

Catalinbread’s Delay & Reverb series includes authentic emulations of classic and highly revered spacial effects. Fulfilling the role of “sonic archivists”, Catalinbread faithfully and precisely emulate the behaviour and sound of these legendary units whilst contemporising them with fresh capabilities.

Compared to the original units, Catalinbread’s versions are more affordable, reliable and pedalboard friendly.

This series also includes innovative, unorthodox sounds (like the broken, glitchy ambience of the CSIDMAN delay) if you want something that’s bound to take your playing to unchartered territory.

Foundation Overdrive Series

Don’t be fooled by the name, as this series offers a lot more than a straight-up OD pedal. The Foundation Overdrive series emulates the circuits of prized vintage amps and packs them into compact pedals. Despite the far more portable form factor, these pedals retain the interactivity, the dynamic feel and, most importantly, the tone of the real deal.

This series also includes faithful homages to the legendary amp tones bands such as Black Sabbath, Queen and Led Zeppelin. Now, at the press of a switch, you can experience a stadium-sized tone!

If you’re looking to recreate the sound of a cranked valve amp at home (without having the neighbours call the cops) or want to closely simulate your main amp when you have to borrow backline, Catalinbread’s Foundation Overdrive series is a fantastic solution.

Boost, Fuzz & Distortion Series

From tone-enhancing boosts to bone-rattling sub-octave fuzzes, the Boost, Fuzz & Distortion series can cover your gain requirements with aplomb. There’s a huge variety here, you’re bound to find a flavour of dirt that’ll put a smile on your face.

Modulation Series

With Catalinbread’s Modulation series, you can add some sonic spice to your tone with their array of lush mod effects. There are traditional sounds such as tape-style flanging and vintage amp tremolo as well as off-kilter tonal playgrounds like the Coriolis Effect.

Catalinbread continues to astound and impress us with their well-built and thoughtfully-designed effects pedals.

We highly recommend Catalinbread pedals if you’re serious about your stompboxes and tone. With a wide variety of gorgeous effects to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something that’ll inspire you.



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