Catalinbread Zero point Tape Flanger Pedal (Pre-owned)

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Rare Pre-Owned Catalinbread Zero Point Tape Flanger Pedal (no box/psu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Call Roy in the Pre-Owned Dept on 01273 665425 or Email --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Catalinbread Zero Point is one of the most interesting effects that we have seen in a long time. Through-Zero flanging is a really interesting effect that was originally achieved by setting up two tape reels of the same track and manually slowing one down to the point at which they cancel each other out. What makes this emulation of that effect really interesting however is just how you control it. he Zero Point Flanger is the most direct analogy to studio tape flanging that anybody has come up with. It is a REAL TIME effect not a typical modulation effect. That is to say, unlike all other pedal flangers, there is no LFO that presents a predictable up and down swooshing sound, the trite flanger effect that died in the 80s. Thus there is no need for extraneous knobs or switches. It is a straight-foward pedal that has only one powerful control that behaves like pressing and holding your thumb on tape flange.

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