Celemony Melodyne CRE8 V3

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Product discontinued

Audio Pitch & Time Processor Melodyne CRE8 is the perfect tool for pitch shifting and time stretching in convincingly natural sound quality, for correcting the intonation and timing of singing, for audio quantization, producing harmonies, and remixing and restructuring the melody, tempo or timing of existing recordings. With Melodyne you can actually do the impossible and do it easily. Melodyne is intelligent: it recognizes the music in an audio file and represents it directly as notes; in this way, it offers highly intuitive and far-reaching access to the musical material and permits a sensationally flexible and creative way of working: with Melodyne, the music is in the foreground, not the technology.

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  • Multi-track processing
  • Generation of multiple parts (e.g. vocal harmonies) from one part
  • Powerful functions for the correction of pitch and timing errors
  • Refashioning of monophonic signals
  • Sound processing
  • Creation of complete arrangements

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