Celemony Melodyne Uno

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Audio Pitch & Time Processor
Melodyne Uno offers the tried-and-tested Melodyne functions for audio editing affording a new type of access to audio data and one with far greater creative possibilities. Melodyne Uno is very intuitive in its operation, without complex recognition procedures or arrange levels. Like a sample editor, it permits the direct and uncomplicated editing of the pitch, tempo, phrasing, formants and timing of mono audio files. Whats more, radical variation of these parameters is possible and in award-winning sound quality. At all times, Melodyne Uno reacts in a very musical way.

When it corrects the intonation of a vocal performance, for example, all the phrasing including any vibrato is retained. It is also capable of recognizing the tonality and mode implicit in a melody as well as transposing in a musical way. The program is easy to learn and use. There are macros for the two most often used editing functions, Correct Pitch and Quantize Timing, which make it possible correct a melody with a single key press.

Melodyne Uno can handle all commonly encountered audio formats as well as integrating smoothly into all conventional MIDI/Audio sequencers.

Melodyne uno is a stand-alone application running under Mac OS X and Windows. Melodyne supports CoreAudio, DirectX and ASIO2. You can also integrate Melodyne uno into your existing production environment using ReWire. Melodyne uno reads and writes a large number of audio formats (WAV, AIFF, SD2, SND) in mono or stereo and in up to 24-bit / 96 kHz resolution.

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  • Complete multi-track arrangements (up to eight audio tracks)
  • Monophonic recordings only for each track
  • Ideal for creating backing vocals from a lead vox
  • Melody Manager to browse audio files
  • Can import Liquid Instruments and Melodyne Sound Library
  • 'Correct Pitch' and 'Quantize Time' macros
  • MelodyneBridge and ReWire integration
  • for Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel-based), Windows XP and Windows Vista

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