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CME Matrix X

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Compact Mic / Instrument Preamp and Monitor Controller The CME Matrix X is the perfect addition to any compact music production system. It has all the inputs and outputs you need to turn a computer with a built-in soundcard (or an external audio interface) into a complete music production studio. It's also perfect for adding a microphone or guitar input to a digital piano or synthesizer with external inputs. What's more, the CME Matrix X is easy to connect up and a breeze to use, making recording quick and easy. It solves the routing, interfacing and monitoring problems you may otherwise encounter and avoids you having to swap cables when you really want to get on with recording. The carefully thought out feature set of the CME Matrix X allows you to record from a mic, guitar, digital piano etc with zero latency monitoring without the need - not to mention the complexity and expense - of a large-scale mixing desk.

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  • Adds essential extra functionality to your soundcard / audio interface
  • High-quality Mic / Guitar Preamp
  • Balanced stereo line input for external synthesizers / digital pianos etc
  • Dedicated stereo inputs and outputs for connection to your soundcard / audio interface
  • Balanced stereo monitor output with level control
  • Two headphone outputs with individual level controls
  • Dual-Buss design allows direct monitoring for zero latency recording
  • Rugged build quality with strong metal casing

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