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CME Matrix Y Headphone Amplifier

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Headphone Amplifier

The CME Matrix Y's unique talkback function makes communication between performers (or between engineer and performers) easy and it's extra set of outputs makes chaining multiple Matrix Y units or connection through to a monitoring speaker system easy.
The CME Matrix Y is the ideal headphone amplifier monitoring system for home, project and professional recording studios, allowing multiple performers to record at the same time - each with their own volume control. It's applications however extend far beyond recording situations. The Matrix Y is also ideal for group rehersals - if there is no rehersal room available, the Matrix Y could save you from a disastrous gig by allowing you to reherse on headphones at home without disruption from your neighbours banging on the wall!
The CME Matrix Y's unique talkback system with built-in professional talkback mic allows for easy communication between everyone wearing headphones. Simply push the talkback button and everyone can hear each other clearly! Because the Line In signal is automatically attenuated by 20 dB when the talkback mic is switched on, you will still be able to talk if one band member or a backing track is still playing. No more pulling the headphones off after every take or talking too loud because you can't hear each other. This simple to use yet powerful feature also makes the CME Matrix Y a must-have in many situations beside recording - for example, enjoying your favorite music together, band rehearsals or group classroom lesson situations.

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  • High-quality 4-channel powerful headphone amplifier
  • Ideal for group rehersals, studio recording and classroom projects
  • Unique built-in professional talkback microphone - makes communication easy
  • Individual volume controls for each listener
  • Expandable - multiple Matrix Y units may be chained
  • Balanced stereo inputs and outputs fo

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