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Cranborne Audio

Precision-engineered studio outboard that fuses a modern workflow with a vintage sensibility.

The Cranborne Audio team is comprised of four passionate gear nuts, who use their combined technological, musical and engineering experience to create no-compromise audio hardware that they themselves would want to use. Despite the astounding quality, meticulous design and innovative nature of their products, Cranborne Audio ensure their gear is available at an accessible price point. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a professional or a project studio, Cranborne Audio are a top choice if you’re serious about the way your music sounds and desire unparalleled flexibility from your equipment.

Cranborne Audio’s ethos is a “modern approach to vintage sound”, infusing the best elements of legendary vintage equipment with a contemporary workflow. Achieving “that” sound has never been easier or more affordable. Whilst the numerous accolades they’ve received from publications and professionals speak for themselves, we highly recommend experiencing Cranborne Audio’s gear for yourself - we guarantee it’ll revolutionise your approach to recording and creating music.

Whether you’re looking for a new centrepiece for your home studio, a premium audio interface or simply a top-notch headphone amp, there’s a piece of Cranborne Audio gear for you.

Cranborne Audio