Cyber Monday Sale

Missed out on Black Friday? It's not too late to grab yourself a jaw-dropping deal. Our Cyber Monday Sale is packed with massive discounts on all sorts of music equipment, including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, effects pedals, keyboards, synthesizers, drum gear and much more. That guitar you've been eyeing up all year may be more affordable than ever. Cyber Monday is your last opportunity to bag yourself or your loved one a bargain for the big day, so check out our range of reduced music gear before it all goes!

Price Guarantee

As always, we'll be offering a Black Friday/Cyber Monday price guarantee all the way through November. This means you won't lose out if you decide to buy something before the big day and it ends up getting reduced. If you purchase an item during our Price Guarantee period that's then discounted in our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, just get in contact with us and you will be refunded the difference in price.

Extended Returns

Bought someone a present on Cyber Monday that wasn't appreciated? Not feeling that new piece of music gear you treated yourself to? We've extended our 30-day returns policy over the holiday season so if you buy something from us on Cyber Monday, you'll have up to 31st January 2024 to return it. Our standard returns Terms and Conditions apply, which you can read by clicking here.


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Cyber Monday Sale

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